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Vintage Lorry Funerals - Bring some colour to a dark day
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Details If you want to personalise the funeral of a loved one you may want to give me a call.

I can use the 21 foot deck of my vintage lorry to create an eye-catching multi-level display with your Floral Tributes around the coffin. Whether you have 3 or 23 Floral Tributes I can build a display which can depict the occupation or interests of the deceased. Elements of the display will be unique to you.

To see how your floral tributes could be arranged, visit

Alternatively flowers may not be a high priority and like me you have fallen in love with my 1950 Leyland Beaver. Or perhaps you wish to carry two loved ones, side by side, who passed away together or within a number of days of each other.

Vintage Lorry Funerals offers a highly dignified final journey for your loved one but at the same time brings some colour to a dark day.


tel: 01225 865346

mob: 07721 068760

Remarks See the website for details

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