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This site enables me to share with you the truly evocative and iconic signs from London's famous transport system that I grew up with and depended on. Then, a few real copper coins bought a bus ticket that was reeled off by hand. You entered and left a tube station passing a uniformed inspector who checked your ticket. No electronic barriers to negotiate, no cameras watching your every move and the trains bore no mindless graffiti.  Self-serve ticket machines only took coins and worked via simple buttons. No 'ology' in computer science was required. Unlike now, knife-carrying passengers were almost exclusively Boy Scouts or chefs harmlessly transporting the tools of their trade.

I expect you can remember those days too, of open platform buses with conductors and tube trains with guards. These often very extrovert people gave passengers a much more secure feeling, - often with some amusing banter as they dealt with 'Joe Public'. Upstairs on a bus or in some tube train carriages you could legitimately light up a cigarette or participate in the then unrecognised dangerous sport now known as 'passive smoking' as your clothes and hair soaked up the pong of tobacco. With no ashtrays you were invited to throw cigarette ends on the floor.  Now discarded free newspapers, junk food wrappers and plastic bottles have replaced them. Conversation has also been either replaced by 'leaky' earphones pumping music directly into people's heads or is interrupted by a sometimes menacing beggar thrusting a crying baby in your face. 

Enjoy a trip down your own 'memory lane' with me going back to what seemed like a much simpler world.

None of these signs are in use today, many go back to the late 1960's and some of the maps way, way back to the 1920's.  These make superb and entirely unique gifts that will last a lifetime.

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