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Antique Telephones
Website Antique Telephones

We specialise in GPO Bakelite telephones but also have a huge range of British and foreign models which date from the late 1800s to the early 1980s. Each telephone sold is stripped down and re-built after cleaning and polishing each part and then fully tested. When it is sold it is then checked over again and tested prior to being sent out. This enables it to plug in and go in any UK telephone socket.
Please note that each telephone has very good quality pictures taken and a full description of the actual telephone listed. Of course all this is time consuming and expensive for us to achieve but we believe you will want to know what you are buying in advance of your order. Please note we will not be the cheapest you will find but if it is quality you require then you have found the right place. Please call or email to enquire about use outside the UK. If you are looking for a particular phone not on the website please contact us as we may have it in stock or be able to source it.
All prices are inclusive of VAT and come with a life time of ownership conditional guarantee.
The web site has a fully automated secure basket and payments can be made with most major credit or debit cards.
You can of course call us directly to make a purchase over the phone.
We are a family owned company and deal with all aspects including the web site restorations and sales ourselves.

Neil Carpenter
21 Ribston Close

Telephone 020 8462 9637
Mobile 07980 354508

Please visit our web site and look forward to your custom.

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Memodays dial retro telephones

We specialise in retailing original GPO / BT plastic rotary dial telephones from the 1970's. Available in traditional, classic and retro designs, we guarantee HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICES and customer service second to none.

All our phones are sold with 14 days home approval and are guaranteed for 12 months. They are fully refurbished internally and are fitted with brand new, totally original, mouldings and cords & feature their original bell ringer.

Ready for use with modern phone sockets, our telephones are fully compatible with the BT telephone network and most cable networks

Tel/Fax:(01354) 693 693

Memodays Limited
Curf Farm Business Park,
Doddington Road,
Cambridgeshire PE16 6UJ

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Mo - Genuine Red Telephone Boxes
Our kiosks are all original and have been painstakingly and lovingly restored to their full splendour by skilled craftsmen. Whether for film/TV, corporate use, or as a permanent and unique reminder of our English heritage, we deliver the British Phone Booths anywhere Worldwide. Overseas customers please contact us to make individual shipping arrangements. 
Period antique and replica telephones for hire and for sale. Many examples of superb collectors and traditional telephones available for film/TV, corporate and private use. 
Other restoration also undertaken e.g. Post Boxes - Sandblasting, Signwriting and Painting services.
Tel: 01452 522287
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Remember When UK -
Website Remember When UK
Details We specialise in the sales, restoration, installation, hire & shipping of the iconic K6, British Red Telephone Box. We also offer phone booth spares plus a unique range of other British collectables.

We are a small family run business dedicated to the restoration, preservation & installation of one of England's finest portrayed and immortalised architectural features, the red telephone box.
With a unique, yet declining supply of red telephone boxes we offer kiosks for sale in various conditions, whilst also offering a full restoration service to the highest quality.

You can contact us using the following telephone numbers:
+44 (0)1553 770677 - Office
(0)1553 770197 - Workshop
Mobile: 07779 586305

Available 6 days a week 9.00am till 7.30pm (exc. Sundays).

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re... - Full Size Lightweight Replica Telephone Boxes
Details The Red K6 Telephone Box has long been a true design icon - known all around the world to be as British as the red London bus.
Now you can own a high quality replica that is difficult to distinguish from the original and has many practical advantages.
  • It weighs only 90kg* against 750kg* for the original
  • It is supplied in six sections in a convenient package that is easy to handle
  • Assembly takes just a few minutes
  • Fully working door with brass hinges and a door closer
  • Glazed  with 72  individual panes of perspex
  • 4 telephone signs
  • Any  standard colour available

Can be used for :

  • Private calls in offices
  • Private mobile phone calls
  • Pubs /nightclubs
  • Hotel receptions
  • Advertise your business logos and all colours available
  • TV / Film
  • Shop displays
  • Video booths

Fully finished Phoney Boxes are also available to hire. Please Visit the website or call us for more details.

+44 (0)1352 751751 or +44 (0) 7710 678677

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Unicorn Kiosk Restorations
Website Unicorn Kiosk Restorations
Details Something Red? Something British?
Do you remember pushing Button "B" or those grey flip up directory shelves? Were you quick of hand enough you to tap the Bakelite telephone for free calls? Did you wedge a sweet packet in the coin return and come back later to pick up your ill gotten gains? For over seventy years the red telephone kiosk has stood guard on our streets. Somewhere to keep out of the rain while waiting for the bus, somewhere to whisper sweet nothings, or to queue up before you had a phone in the house, let alone a mobile?

Unicorn Kiosk Restorations can bring this British icon to you. A cast iron original to match your memories. Phone boxes, post boxes, beautiful street lamps and original street signs. We provide a total service, including delivery (shipping) and installation, if required. We have shipped kiosks to Europe, the Americas, Australia and Japan. We can export pack on site and arrange shipping world-wide.

Our telephone kiosks are so popular that they have been used on various film and TV sets as fixtures and fittings. They can also be seen at many London and other landmarks where they were re-acquired due to public demand to replace the faceless and uninterestingly clinical modern booths.

Postal Address:
Unicorn Kiosk Restorations
P.O. Box 866
South Croydon
(Please call for an appointment)

Telephone.(44) 020 8651 2436
Fax.(44) 020 8651 5882

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The Telephone Box
Website The Telephone Box
Details I sell and restore mainly GPO telephones from 1920 -1980. With 45 years experience, every instrument is carefully dismantled, fully overhauled, polished and sympathetically converted to work on the modern network. My website shows pictures of the workshop overhaul and enables you to buy an authentic telephone with complete confidence. Every instrument comes with a full guarantee and you can always contact me for after sales service.
My website also has the occasional unusual antique, art deco pieces, retro hi-fi and sound equipment. Payment is via secure pay-pal or you may contact me for other methods.

Michael Barlow
1a Fosse Road

Tel: 01548 858723


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Candlestick and Bakelite
Website Candlestick and Bakelite
Details We have been specializing in and selling bakelite telephones for over 20 years! They are fully functional phones that bring a piece of quality to your home. That atmospheric ringing of bells can be heard again. All are fully guaranteed for 12 months. We can even help you if you already have an old phone and want to get it up and running again!!!

Visit our website and download our catalogue and see what can be yours!!

Telephone 020 8467 3743


Address:-  P.O. Box 308,

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Antique GPO Phones
Website /
Details We specialise in Antique GPO Bakelite Telephones. Here you will find genuine British Bakelite & Plastic Telephones from the 1920's - 1980's. All telephones are sold fully working and come with a guarantee. I have been collecting & restoring these Telephones for over 10 years. This is A Passion of Mine!!!

These phones are all part of our history and have become design icons, in their own right from a past era. If there is any type of telephone you require, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am based in Darlington and Telephones can be viewed anytime by appointment.

Have your own GPO/BT Telephone converted, so it can be used. Please contact me for details & Prices. I hope you find what you are looking for on My Site. Please check out my online shop page. 

Telephone: 01325 363028

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Nic-Ola Nostalgia - retro jukeboxes for sale in the uk
Website Nic-Ola Nostalgia 
Details Welcome to Nic-Ola Nostalgia. We specialise in brand new retro and nostalgic products from telephones to record players plus replica cd jukeboxes from table top to 3/4 size by Steepletone products Ltd. Also available are the full size jukeboxes from Wurlitzer, Rock-Ola & Sound Leisure, so if you're looking for that new bubbler jukebox or a smaller replica or just that special gift then give us a call. And remember, if we dont have what you're looking for please ask - we may be able to help.


Tel mob: 07576838487
Tel: 01256 470638

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ProTelX - reproduction retro and nostalgic phones
Website ProTelX 
Details ProTelX was established in 2009 by four directors - Neil & Lisette Hinde, Paul Conway and Gary Basso. Combined, they have over 80 years experience in the telecoms industry, supplying the retail, corporate and dealer sectors of the industry. 

With in-depth knowledge of the market and knowing customer needs and expectations, ProTelX have re-created a range of the most popular styles of reproduction retro phones – our key goals were to create authentic looking phones that are constructed to a high standard, replicating the true feeling of a robust phone created at time when things were “built to last”,  yet ensuring that they are fully functional with today’s modern analogue telecom networks (BT, Virgin, Telewest etc.)
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Lime Ltd
Details Apart from being a general merchandiser selling all sorts of ranges and items, we also sell a number of Retro-related products, such as Telephones, Jukeboxes, Music Centres, Radios and a lot more...
Come and visit us at:

Lime Ltd

Phone: 01325 749044

Email us here:

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Pineapple Ice Bucket - An eclectic mix of funky things 
Website Pineapple Ice Bucket
Details Here at Pineapple Ice Bucket you will find an eclectic mix of funky things dating from the 1950s right up to the 1980s.

Not only is this the home of pineapple ice buckets (and many other variations) but also all sorts of home ware, vintage fashion and accessories (updated weekly).

I am also happy to source items for you, just drop me a line; email, phone or carrier pigeon and I'll see what I can do.

Email me at
Call Sophie direct- 07753747297 
Or you can call my shop- 01590 624429
Pineapple Retro, Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7RH
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Retro Bazaar - Funky Furnishings, Cool Collectables
Website Retro Bazaar
Details Welcome to Retro Bazaar, the coolest place to hang out, shop and satisfy your cravings for all things Retro!

We had spent many a cold day wandering around fairs delighting in the odd item of retro we found, however it seemed to us that people were selling the occasional piece amongst the older antiques they had - there were no specialists.

So over a nice warming Americano at our favourite coffee shop one winter's day, we hatched a plan, a grand plan of immense proportions. Admittedly we've had to scale back the 3 storey department store of retro, but you never know, one day maybe!

So we hit the internet, learning the intricacies of starting your own business, and eventually found ourselves some premises.

Throughout all this time we were travelling the length and breadth of the country selling at any show that would have us, admittedly some were better than others and problems and hold ups got in the way, (like when the van broke down the first time we used it!)

Move forward to the present day, and now that we have a website, we're getting closer to world domination, but it's going to take a couple more years! Frankly we're happy to continue selling affordable retro to the masses, just as we are! 

We hope you enjoy our website, and if you see us at a show, please do say hi!

Becky & Glynis

Retro Bazaar
68 Alston Drive
Bradwell Abbey
Milton Keynes
MK13 9HB

T: 01908 310020

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Steepletone Record Players and Jukeboxes - Jukeboxes & CD Players, LED Signs & Pictures, Nostalgic Telephones, Radio and Alarm Clocks

Details On our website you will find a range of Steepletone products for you to buy. Our range includes Jukeboxes, CD Players, Record Players & Turntables, Nostalgic Telephones, Radios and Alarm Clocks

The remarkable changes in technology over the last few years has pushed the Jukeboxes to new limits, now offering 'No Moving Parts' music in MP3 format. we also carry a large range of LED 3D Pictures and new LED Neon Effect Wall Signs. Great eye catching designs with simplicity of use that, of course, still offer excellent value for money!

Steepletone Record Players. Listen to the classics the way they were intended on our superb range of record players. Many of us have collections of records and cassette tapes, but nowhere to play them or easily to convert to a modern digital format. Old record players, if they have been used over many years, can actually damage records, so it is important, if you wish to keep your collection in good order, to use a record player that is both high quality, and in full working order (especially the stylus!) Why not transfer your old LP's on to the MP3 format or CD using one of the Steepletone CD Burners

You don't even need to connect to your PC and run complicated software to do it - you just put in a recordable CD and transfer the music directly onto the CD. You can then either play back the recorded music using the CD, or even transfer the files to your PC (for storage, transfer to MP3 Player etc) if you wish.

Our Steepletone 5-in-1 Edinburgh Music Centre is very competitively priced. Steepletone is a British company that has been making high-quality audio equipment for 35 years, so you know you are buying a reliable product from a reputable company.

Customer Services
Midlands Distribution Depot
PO Box 9276

TEL: 0843 523 5145

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re... - bringing enthusiasts and traders of retro computers, gaming machines and other electronics equipment together in one place

Sell my retro is an auction website dedicated to older retro and vintage electronics and computers. is a new trading place to bring enthusiasts and traders of retro computers, gaming machines and other electronics equipment together in one place.

We all know how difficult it can be when searching in Google to find which are live sites and which sites can actually sell you equipment or undertake repairs, let alone finding that elusive bit of rare hardware or software. It can also be very useful for anyone looking for props or old equipment for use in a museum or history display, or even within television programmes and films. helps bring buyers and traders together, by incorporating a dedicated auction website and a wiki to hold background information on the retro computer scene.

Anyone can list items in the dedicated categories, and traders can decide to open a webstore. Webstores form a place for traders to advertise their services and to form a web-presence, as well as developing their brand.

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Sagemcom - modern technology and a classic design
Website Sagemcom
Details Sagemcom Sixty - SIXTY is bringing the combination of modern technology and a classic design. Its original design, smooth and shiny finish will make this phone stand out in any environment.

For your comfort the SIXTY cordless phone is bursting with features which allow you enjoy your "talk time" even more. The hands-free mode enables you keep going while staying in touch with your family and friends.
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Up to 10h talk time and 120h stand-by
  • Original & stylish for all those who are design conscious
  • Automatic Power Management
  • Touch screen navigation
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Audio Gold -  London's specialist second hand Hi-Fi retailer. Also a huge selection of props including vintage radios, TVs, telephones, computers, projectors, typewriters and more
Website Audio Gold
Details We’re not impossibly expensive Hi fi. We’ve got it of course, lots of it, but it’s not all we’re about. What we do have is row upon row of very accessible, affordable kit and lovely shiny new mini systems and iPod docks too.

And we’re not scary and intimidating in the way specialist shops can be. Expect a warm welcome, plenty of space to look around in your own time, and expert guidance. We leave the patter to other less authentic shops.

Our customers tell us all the time that their new Hi fi is a joy, that they have listened to their favourite music afresh – and they send their friends to us. These days most of our customers arrive through recommendation and so many people who walk in for the first time say things like “Wow!, what a brilliant shop…” Hopefully we’re getting close to our goal of being the best audio shop in London.

Audio Gold
308—310 Park Rd
N8 8LA
TEL: +44 (0)20 8341 9007
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