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The Beehouse - a high spec recording studio on the Powys Shropshire border with specialist music production, songwriting days, music production courses.
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Brilliant recording voucher gift - a fantastic gift voucher for all ages, those who love to sing, play instruments, produce music or writer songs of all styles and eras! 5 hours in the hands of the professionals. Enjoy your experience alone in the blissful peace and quiet of this beautiful location, or bring up to three friends. Ideally located for Shropshire, Powys, Midlands, Birmingham, Cheshire, Wales, the Beehouse recording studio experiences cater for virtually any musician, songwriter or singer, and bring a wealth of musical and production experience to make your session a success you can be proud of.

Features include:
*3,4,5 or 10 hours' recording, mixing and mastering, and the expertise of a professional studio engineer producer.
* A beautiful recording voucher for the recording studio experience day by first class post, with a personal letter describing the gift.
* A commercial standard disc or MP3 of your recordings.
* For singers: Use of the studio backings library, microphone coaching, tuning assistance if needed, and help with vocals layering.
* For musicians : Access to backings if you wish, editing and special effects for your instruments. A selection of pianos, professional keyboards and guitars are available at the studio as well as a drum kit, violins, and an entire orchestra of sounds and effects available through computer software.
* For all: A variety of levels of involvement with the music production of your tracks.
* Use of the studio lounge and 42" plasma screen television/DVD for your guests.
* Up to four guests may come with you to back you up, and take photographs.
* Most experiences are suitable for up to three participants.
* Suitable for all ages.
* Any lyrics provided on request in advance or on the day.
A video may be added for 100 to your favourite track.

Call us for details on 01691 649044

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Postcode : SY225JG

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