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Details Something Red? Something British?
Do you remember pushing Button "B" or those grey flip up directory shelves? Were you quick of hand enough you to tap the Bakelite telephone for free calls? Did you wedge a sweet packet in the coin return and come back later to pick up your ill gotten gains? For over seventy years the red telephone kiosk has stood guard on our streets. Somewhere to keep out of the rain while waiting for the bus, somewhere to whisper sweet nothings, or to queue up before you had a phone in the house, let alone a mobile?

Unicorn Kiosk Restorations can bring this British icon to you. A cast iron original to match your memories. Phone boxes, post boxes, beautiful street lamps and original street signs. We provide a total service, including delivery (shipping) and installation, if required. We have shipped kiosks to Europe, the Americas, Australia and Japan. We can export pack on site and arrange shipping world-wide.

Our telephone kiosks are so popular that they have been used on various film and TV sets as fixtures and fittings. They can also be seen at many London and other landmarks where they were re-acquired due to public demand to replace the faceless and uninterestingly clinical modern booths.

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