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The Beehouse - a high spec recording studio on the Powys Shropshire border with specialist music production, songwriting days, music production courses.
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The Beehouse Recording Studio offers a unique one-to-one Songwriting Course, or Songwriter Workshop. A very inspiring day, run to professional standards, we are happy to work in most genres and styles. This is generally a five hour course although it can be extended. During the Songwriting Course, the customer takes a song from an idea or a set of lyrics through to a final product, learning on the way how a song is put together. If you wish, real instruments may be recorded. You can add real bass, drums, guitar, piano, keyboards, strings, all to your personal taste, with the skilled help of our production specialist, who will also play in lines for you if required. The commercial quality results are then available on a CD at the end of the day. We work with individuals with all kinds of musical backgrounds - some arrive ready to put down an entire song with lyrics, melody, harmonies and an ability to record the vocals and instrumentation. Some arrive with a tune in their head and very little else. As well as the CD, you may also have a video made of your day, if you wish, for an additional charge.
At the Beehouse we are accustomed to working with professionals and amateurs alike, and so if you decide that you would like to promote your finished track and make it available on the internet for purchase, we can also help you with these aspects. A fabulous gift for singers, musicians, or creatives. Ideally located for Shropshire, Powys, Midlands, Birmingham, Cheshire, and Wales.

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