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The Saint online
Website The Saint Online

The famous logo of The Saint; it has an almost magical nostalgia about it, bringing different emotions and responses from anyone who sees it. Most remember watching Roger Moore in the 1960s driving his white Volvo P1800 across our television sets, while others recall George Sanders in a dusty 1940s theater catering to the RKO "B" crowd. Old-time radio fans can still hear the famous voice of Vincent Price broadcasting the adventures of The Saint over the airwaves on CBS and NBC, and yet a younger generation might see a vision of Ian Ogilvy wearing those 1970s fashions we love to hate, starring in The Return of the Saint.

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The Saint Complete DVD collection
Website The Saint Complete DVD collection

Action, adventure,'s the famous Simon Templar! For the first time get every thrilling episode from the original series of The Saint in one great collection.

Every fortnight you’ll receive a new DVD with two great episodes, plus a companion guide with plot summaries, classic scenes and more.

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