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Retro Art
Syd Brak - Illustrator.  Retro art and Pinup art
Website Syd Brak
Details My illustrations have always varied from stylistic to realistic, either of which I find equally enjoyable.

Over the years I have done work for all the major advertising agencies, design groups and film companies both in the UK and America. Everything from toothpaste to motor cars to puppets, food, fruit and animals.

My work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, hoardings, record covers, film and television worldwide.

Phone: +44(0)208 870 0233
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BGTEE'S - Bloody Good Tee Shirts
Website BGTEE'S
Details The BGTEE'S Mission is to bring you bloody good t-shirts. Cars, Rock, Adult, Vintage, Retro, Cool, Funny, Surf, Limited and Exclusive T-Shirts. Guaranteed bloody good t-shirts

The Bloody Good T Shirt Company brings you what we believe are the best T shirts in the world. T-shirts featuring exclusive and limited designs for Cars, Rock & Roll, Adult, Scooters, Planes, Bikes, London, Fishing, Haynes, Mod, Seasonal, Topical Tees and more form our ranges.
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