Full Size Lightweight Replica Telephone Boxes details are as follows

Replica Phone Box
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Details The Red K6 Telephone Box has long been a true design icon - known all around the world to be as British as the red London bus.
Now you can own a high quality replica that is difficult to distinguish from the original and has many practical advantages.
  • It weighs only 90kg* against 750kg* for the original
  • It is supplied in six sections in a convenient package that is easy to handle
  • Assembly takes just a few minutes
  • Fully working door with brass hinges and a door closer
  • Glazed  with 72  individual panes of perspex
  • 4 telephone signs
  • Any  standard colour available

Can be used for :

  • Private calls in offices
  • Private mobile phone calls
  • Pubs /nightclubs
  • Hotel receptions
  • Advertise your business logos and all colours available
  • TV / Film
  • Shop displays
  • Video booths

Fully finished Phoney Boxes are also available to hire. Please Visit the website or call us for more details.

+44 (0)1352 751751 or +44 (0) 7710 678677


Remarks Visit the website for details


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