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Steve Norris - A Very English Revolution
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Details Steve Norris is an English thriller writer for the 21st century

Steve has written a new novel, A Very English Revolution, that will change your views on the political stability of Britain forever.
Already attracting a number of rave reviews, the book is available on Amazon (as a paperback and on Kindle - at 2) where you can also see the great reviews.

It is framed around the timeline of a fictional Leeds bi-election in 2009. The vacuum of leadership in government meant minor parties were growing in strength and the book picks up in Leeds where an opportunity emerges for a new style nationalist politician who can present arguments, usually formed in male drinking clubs, in a sexy media-friendly format. The other side of the story is an old fashioned mystery whodunit from the 1980s where a journalist stumbles on a cover up of child abuse in the Catholic Church. You think the story is going one way, but wonder where the bi-election fits in. The story draws the reader into a world where questions and connections keep coming, and where coincidence starts to turn into conspiracy. Before the characters realise what they know, they are at the centre of a very dangerous storm.
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