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Chestnut Bank Productions - Relive the Telstar era
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Details Welcome to the site that recreates the instrumental sounds of the 1960's along with new material in the 60's style by Byron Elwell.

Chestnut Bank Productions produce instrumentals under the guise of the Space Babes.

The Space Babes are ethereal electronic voices, created by keyboard player, Byron Elwell. Various harmonies are created and played through the keyboard, along with the lead instrument. They were created to help bring new interest to instrumentals and so far it has worked extremely well on many numbers.

When recording I do not use backing tracks. I create a suitable rhythm and arrange the various instruments to suit the recording. I then play the base of the song with my left hand and the melody with my right. Effects are added as required. Drum variation can be controlled by a foot pedal. The majority of my work is in the style of Joe Meek, the record producer who, besides writing Telstar, wrote and recorded many others.

DE56 2HN

Phone: 01773 856615

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