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James Dean
Keith Davies –  (James Dean)
Website www.postcard.co.uk/flair/
Details James Dean’s life was taken before his full talent and potential could come to fruition, but he is still remembered as one of twentieth century movieworld’s most enduring icons. Recall his boyish charm and good looks with a scarce collection of picture postcards – all different and all featuring his image – photographic, art, pose or film. 50 for 25 ($50) or 100 for 50 ($100), post free.
A gift that will be truly treasured. Full pictorial stocklisting included with all orders (or send 2 first class stamps or dollar bill).

Keith Davies (JD)
PO Box 456 (Flair-Ret)
Hove, East Sussex
Great Britain

Tel: +44 (0)1273 600035
Fax: +44 (0)1273 628660
Email: keith.davies@pobox.com
Remarks Email for further info, or precise ordering advice.


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How did retrosellers come about?
On January 1st 1962, Dick Rowe, Head of Decca Records UK, auditioned the Beatles but turned them down, signing the Tremeloes instead.
WHOOPS! Decades later, we all know better than poor old Dick; and, in recent times, the interest in all things nostalgic and retrospective has exploded into a thriving worldwide industry.

Whether you're selling music, fashion, books, furniture, cars or celebrity material, there is an avid target market out there, ranging from the original trend-setters to their children (and grandchildren!).s pointed to an urgent need for a custom-made site to bring enthusiastic buyers and specialist retailers together.