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Keith Monks - Record Cleaning Machines, discOvery ™ Natural Record Cleaning Fluids, Analogue Hi-fi Accessories
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Details Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines
Keith Monks discOvery ™ Natural Record Cleaning Fluids
Keith Monks Analogue Hi-fi Accessories

Only the Keith Monks has such a wide range of features so critical for Precision Record Cleaning. Many of them are unique, most others very unusual… and all of them absolutely vital. Features that have kept the Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine the ultimate record cleaner of choice for both the demanding professional and discerning audiophile since 1969.

Exclusive 5 Year Guarantee
A conditional 5 year manufacturer's guarantee is standard on all Keith Monks professional Record Cleaning Machines.

All Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines are true professional standard for studio, broadcast and archive use.

Keith Monks RCMs use the scientifically correct method for cleaning records as pioneered by Keith Monks Audio, which avoids all the problems associated with the standard ‘tube and lips’ system used by almost all other record cleaners.

Units 3-9 Westcliff Park
Isle of Wight. PO38 2YR
Great Britain

Tel: +44 (0)1983 857079
Email: info@keithmonks-rcm.co.uk

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Retro Reproduction - supplier of vintage classic Hi-Fi equipment
Website Retro Reproduction
Details Retro reproduction is a retail outlet dealing in quality audio equipment. We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland but regularly deal with clients throughout the UK and abroad, supplying a carefully selected range of new equipment alongside a varied and extensive stock of used equipment.

We started from a passion for sound and the natural reproduction of that sound. Set off from experience playing and recording live music we became obsessed with finding that certain system that makes everything feel just right when that favourite piece of music grips you.

This journey started with some pretty fantastic bits of kit which still stand the test of time today and more often than not feature now in our most contemporary press as vintage classics such as Quad II’s Quad Electroacoustics, LEAK Stereo 20, Quad ESL 57’s, Garrard 301 and 401, it’s a venerable” who’s who” of all that was and still is great in British Hi-Fi. We did what most tend to and tweaked and changed bits here and there, shifting the emphasis from source to speakers, amp to cartridge, in that urge to get it just right.

However, through all of the changes one thing remained true, our real appreciation of and belief in valve and vinyl and the quality of what we heard.

Tel: +44 (0)131 558 9989

Email: info@retroreproduction.co.uk
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Audio Gold -  London's specialist second hand Hi-Fi retailer. Also a huge selection of props including vintage radios, TVs, telephones, computers, projectors, typewriters and more
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Details We’re not impossibly expensive Hi fi. We’ve got it of course, lots of it, but it’s not all we’re about. What we do have is row upon row of very accessible, affordable kit and lovely shiny new mini systems and iPod docks too.

And we’re not scary and intimidating in the way specialist shops can be. Expect a warm welcome, plenty of space to look around in your own time, and expert guidance. We leave the patter to other less authentic shops.

Our customers tell us all the time that their new Hi fi is a joy, that they have listened to their favourite music afresh – and they send their friends to us. These days most of our customers arrive through recommendation and so many people who walk in for the first time say things like “Wow!, what a brilliant shop…” Hopefully we’re getting close to our goal of being the best audio shop in London.

Audio Gold
308—310 Park Rd
N8 8LA
TEL: +44 (0)20 8341 9007

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