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Digger talked to Sam at Alternative Footwear - Europe's largest stiletto high heels and sexy shoes and thigh high boots specialist




Digger: Can you please tell us a little bit about the background to Alternative Footwear?

Sam: Alternative Footwear has been dedicated to offering sexy and retro shoes and boots for many years at great prices with fast delivery. We have built up a reputation for excellent customer service as well as a lovely showroom which aims to cater for everyone. 

Digger: Please tell us more about what is on offer at Alternative Footwear.

Sam: At Alternative Footwear we aim to offer the best services possible as well as the best value. We offer not only retro shoes and boots such as GoGo styles but also Gothic styles with a friendly attitude for men and women. On top of these ranges of high heel shoes, Gothic boots and more we aim to offer the best customer service, lowest prices and greatest delivery for everyone 

Digger: Who are your ‘typical’ customers and what are the best sellers?

Sam: Alternative Footwear doesn’t have a typical kind of customer as the styles we sell are very diverse. We offer everything from Fancy Dress to High Heels, Ballet styles, Creepers and many others. Our best sellers are our classic thigh boots, as well as our suede creepers and classic retro style Gogo 300.  

Digger: The popular culture likes Goth and Punk seem to be as strong as ever. Why do you think that is?

Sam: We think the Goth and Punk culture is as strong as ever because not only have people become much more open-minded towards different fashions and styles which have become synonymous with the movements. However there is also still a cause, as much as ever to get a point across and to stand out from a crowd. We like to cater as best we can to these styles with our wide range of Gothic boots, Creepers and even Gothic sandals and flip flops! 

Digger: And what is this enduring fascination people have generally with sixties, seventies and eighties Retro in all its forms?

Sam: People very much enjoy the nostalgia of retro in its forms, as well as the fashions of course, and the music. With so many different distinct styles from each decade, there is a style to suit anybody and everybody, whether they were there first hand, or simply love the image of the previous fashions. Again, we enjoy seeing many of the different outfits and offer shoes and boots to match any outfit for parties, fancy dress or even tribute bands.  

Digger: What sort of feedback and comments have you been getting from clients?

Sam: “Very comfortable and, as ever, the zip on the inside of the ankle is very useful! Wonderful!”

“Good value for money and excellent next day delivery”

“Excellent footwear well made and good value. Guys - remember if you are tall these will make you A LOT taller. I'm 6ft normally and I can now paint the ceiling without ladders.” 

Digger: What is it that makes Alternative Footwear special and stand out?

Sam: The things that make us stand out as a company are our passion for delivering good value, quality shoes and boots to as many people as we can ensuring customer satisfaction and speedy delivery. We are friendly to all of our customers and cater for all occasions, men and women, shoes and boots.

We put in the effort for all of our customers and aim to have great customer satisfaction 

Digger: What are the best things about what you do and what do you most enjoy about running Alternative Footwear?

Sam: The best thing about working at Alternative Footwear is ensuring customer satisfaction is reached and having happy staff and satisfied customers. It is a friendly business, which aims to deliver professional and affordable shoes and boots in many styles to everyone. It is a very rewarding experience to work at Alternative Footwear. We also very much enjoy working at the various shows up and down the country on our roadshows 

Digger: And what are your plans for the future for Alternative Footwear?

Sam: The plans for Alternative Footwear’s future is to simply continue to provide great retro, sexy and alternative products at a great value to cater for everyone and every style we can. Whether we see you at a show on our roadshow or if you come in to the showroom or have it sent out on our fast next day online service we aim to deliver satisfaction and great products and value for years to come



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