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Lindy Bop - Vintage Inspired Dresses; 50s Style Dresses & 40s Style Dresses including Pin Up Dresses, Swing Dresses, Wiggle Dresses & Pencil Dresses.




Here we talk to Tim at Lindybop to find out more about what makes Lindybop tick...








Digger: Can you please tell us about your background and the background to Lindybop Tim? 

Tim: I started out selling vintage clothing about eight years ago. I found that good quality saleable pieces were hard to come by and saw a gap in the market for affordable repro clothing. Along with my business partner, Dylan Cross, who has the same background, I went about setting up Lindybop. 

Digger: What is it for you that makes these vintage styles so special? 

Tim: We feel the range we offer captures the 40s/50s style, such as the polka dots, pencil and full circle skirts along with big collars. Quite simple and classy really, but with a modern take, and also modern fabrics for a better fit. 

Digger: Who are your customers, where are they coming from and what sort of feedback and comments are you getting from clients? 

Tim: We have a hard core of people who are real followers of this kind of fashion, along with people who need costumes for events and parties. More and more people are trying and finding that it is a style they can wear and enjoy wearing. 

Digger: Please tell us more about the various products and styles you have to offer. Where are they designed, where are they made and what is the availability?

Tim: We design all our own styles from either vintage patterns or taking inspiration from vintage pieces. We are also looking for a designer to bring new ideas to the table. We have independent retailers, both here in the UK and also across Europe, who buy from us on a wholesale basis along with our own retail outlets on The Internet. 





Digger: Events like Twinwood prove that forties and fifties clothes and dance are hugely popular. Is this a trend that you have picked up on? 

Tim: Yes, without a doubt, everybody likes to get dressed up. The dances and great music from the era, along with the many great actors and general feeling of a past golden age, really catches peoples imagination. It makes them want to keep that time alive and relive it - the clothing, events and the dances help them to do this. 

Digger: And why is Retro and Vintage generally in all its forms so popular with so many people these days? 

Tim: It's something different. People like a change and it has a past and a history to it. It's not just clothing, it's like I have already said, it's escaping to a simpler way of life, and of course the clothing was great. 

Digger: Can you tell us more about the wholesale side of your business? 

Tim: We wholesale our clothing to retailers in the UK and Europe and further away as far as Australia. Retailers can apply for a wholesale account on the site

Digger: What do you most enjoy about running Lindybop?  

Tim: I like the feedback from the customers that try the clothing for the first time and like it. They often talk of events they have been to and how now they are involved with the era and how it has inspired an interest that they intend to get more involved with. 

Digger: Where do you see the future for Lindybop Tim? 

Tim: We intend to keep building on the range of styles we offer along with branching out into other eras. We are very excited with the future of Lindybop and hope to keep building on the successes we have already enjoyed. 








Retail & Wholesale Vintage Reproduction Dresses by Lindy Bop


Jive, Polka Dots, Forties style, Fifties style, Swing Dance, Petticoats, Vintage-Inspired Clothing, Rockabilly and Rock and Roll

After many years of dealing in vintage clothing, we have decided to launch a range of vintage inspired dresses. The Lindy Bop label is the result. This collection of dresses are inspired by vintage styles and updated for the modern woman who is looking for something along classic lines.

Feel free to browse our collection of dresses. We add new products regularly. We also offer wholesale accounts to order in bulk and receive bulk discounts. We welcome wholesale accounts.

Tel: 01262 673370

Lindy Bop






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