You are in the Special Features section - Freddies of Pinewood - Vintage style outerwear for that uber-glamorous shapely look, with comfort and affordability thrown in!  

<b>Freddies of Pinewood - Vintage style outerwear for that uber-glamorous shapely look, with comfort and affordability thrown in!   </b>









Freddies of Pinewood - Vintage style outerwear for that uber-glamorous shapely look, with comfort and affordability thrown in!






Digger talked to Phil Whyte at Freddies of Pinewood who have a big reputation in the vintage world for their good-looking and hard-wearing reproduction authentic-look forties and fifties-style clothing. So authentic and so popular, it's even worn in Hollywood!


Digger: What is your background Phil?

Phil: Both Jo (my wife) and I have been on the 1950's Rock n Roll and Rockabilly scene since the 1970's (I first got into it at the age of 11!). It isn't a fashion for us, it is a total lifestyle; House, furniture, cars motorcycles and, of course, clothes are all of the era. 

Digger: Can you please tell us how Freddie’s of Pinewood started and evolved into what it is today?

Phil: It really started with my wife having a vintage clothing stall in Camden market dealing in 40's and 50's vintage. I then joined the business and we opened a shop in Reading selling vintage clothing from the 40's to the 80's - this was called Rockaround. While we were doing this we started having jeans and ladies trousers made under the name "Freddies of Reading" - the name came from my dog Freddie, the Pinewood came from one of his favourite walks in the pine wood of Black Park! These were just a sideline, with maybe 200 pairs a year being made. Like now, they were a reproduction of original 50's women's jeans. We shut the shop about 4 or 5 years back and have turned Freddies of Pinewood into a world wide brand of repro (definitely NOT retro !) casual clothing of the 40's and 50's. 

Digger: This retro and classic forties and fifties look is so enduring. Why is that?

Phil: Being into it for so long we have seen it go in and out of "mainstream fashion" every couple of years. I can't really say why it has been enduring , as I am biased - I don't really like any other fashion ! I'm just glad that it is! 




Digger: Please tell us more about how you make and source the jeans and clothes you have on offer.

Phil: We use original clothing as our patterns - with the tops I take the original garment and make a pattern from it. Jo sources the fabrics and we then either make a sample ourselves or have a sample made, then we go into production. Our tops and our motorcycle hats are made in the UK. Our jeans are reproductions of originals again, but are made in Turkey. We strive to get as close to the originals as possible - these are reproductions of clothing that was designed by the unsung heroes of mass production clothing of 40's and 50's. Most, but not all, of our designs are American - they had the best clothing then as they did not have rationing in the 50's.  

Digger: Why do you think generally retro, vintage and nostalgia is so popular with so many people these days?

Phil: I'm really the wrong person to ask as it is all that I have liked!

Digger: Who are your ‘typical’ customers, where are your customers coming from and what customer feedback/comments do you get?

Phil: Hard to say, I suppose our core customers are on the rock 'n roll/rockabilly scene, but our stuff appeals to a much bigger audience - no-one else makes women's jeans like us. They are very flattering (muffin top eliminators!) and our men's jeans are the classic work wear style of the period. Even Hollywood "A-Lister" Anne Hathaway wears our jeans!

Customer feedback is great, we get a lot of "I have never owned a pair of jeans that fit me so well....." etc. etc.   




Digger: What are your personal retro passions Phil?

Phil: Music (especially Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps), clothing, cars, motorbikes, furniture, architecture - is there anything else?!!! 

Digger: What would you say is special about the products and service Freddie’s of Pinewood provides?

Phil: We make good quality reproductions of original clothing that are affordable and can be worn day in, day out. We aim to send out orders the same or the next day. Some of the other repro and some of the retro clothing brands have tried copying us, but so far they haven't been able to touch us either in price or quality.

Digger: What are the best and most enjoyable aspects of running Freddie’s of Pinewood?

Phil: Meeting our customers is great, especially when you see how pleased they are with their jeans. You can't beat working for yourself in a business that you love. Now and again it can be stressful, but then I just remind myself that I could be back working in the building industry as a carpenter and joiner (that is what I did my apprenticeship in.) Much as I love my trade, I hate the building industry. Luckily I have been able to use my training in this business - making patterns and making samples, it's the same thing, just working with different materials!

Digger: What are your plans for the Freddie’s of Pinewood business in the future?

Phil: We aim to get bigger and better! We are constantly bringing out new designs and we are also concentrating on getting our brand out to a wider audience.







Freddies of Pinewood -
Vintage style outerwear for that uber-glamorous shapely look,
with comfort and affordability thrown in!



Men's Jeans, Men's Tops, Men's Shirts, Ladies' Tops, Ladies' Jeans, Accessories, Ladies' Jackets, 1940s Lounge Pants, Capri Pants, Motorcycle Caps, Women's Clothes, Accessories

Our jeans are made from proper,100% cotton, washable denim, with NO stretch, just like the original 1940's and 1950's jeans. You can wear them day in and day out without worrying that you will ruin them, unlike your vintage jeans!

Mission: To provide fashion conscious, shapely women with stylish jeans and tops that encourage confidence and fun.

Company Overview: Small family business based just outside London in the UK, with fast growing international customer base and loyalty.

Hours are 9am to 6pm


www: Freddies of Pinewood


Tel: 07711 686096 or 07956 864064








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