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Mike Daly specialises in the sale of used coaches and buses worldwide.
These retro coaches and buses are used for all sorts of purposes, including as band buses and play buses or for use for exhibitions and touring promotions.


Used Coach Sales offers good quality secondhand coaches to clients world wide. We offer new and used Buses, coaches and Minibuses. All are serviced and can be Mot tested prior to delivery. We regularly feature Volvo, DAF and Mercedes products in our stock list.

We offer our vehicles to clients in the UK and through the world and are particularly ready to work with clients in Africa and have shipped over 100 vehicles to Zimbabwe since 2001. We regularly deliver to Immingham port for our preferred shipper MAC shipping who have regular services to Walvis Bay, Durban and Maputo. We are always ready to help with transportation and shipping.

We have an in depth knowledge of all the vehicles we sell and can offer help and advice on obtaining spare parts.

We sell our Coaches and Minibuses for continued use within the PSV Industry and also to clients wishing to use them of a different purpose, i.e. Mobile Classrooms, Exhibition Units, Mobile Shops, Car/Motorbike Transporters, Motorhomes, Play Buses and Band Buses.

+44 (0)1925 210202

Warrington, Cheshire











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