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Digger met Tim and Jane Bussell who run The Pure Nostalgia Classic Car and Retro Show event in Essex. Tim is a devoted classic car enthusiast and Jane loves vintage and retro fashion. Each year their main Classic Car & Retro Show is held in June, at The Lawn Historic Country House, Rochford, Essex.




The Classic Car & Retro Show features all manner of classic vehicles from every decade of the golden age  of motoring up to 1970.




Digger: What's your background Tim? 

Tim: I run an established design, advertising and printing business and my wife Jane works for the NHS as an Occupational Therapist. We travel to a lot of classic car events and it seemed to us that something was missing. Many of them consisted of just old cars in a field with a burger bar for snacks! We thought that classic car and retro fans deserved better. So we decided we wanted to do this properly, attract a lot of quality classic vehicles and include retro attractions, whilst keeping it at an affordable price for all to enjoy.

Digger: Can you tell us more about the show?

Tim: We invite people to register their cars, either through our website or the old-fashioned way by post. We attract vehicles from the early part of the century up until the late sixties – we have a cut-off on cars after that period. As well as the classic cars we have vintage stalls and retro attractions of all kinds, live music and dancing with many people dressed in vintage clothing.

Digger: You’re actually in a good place geographically and there’s quite a retro thing going on in this part of Essex, isn't there?

Tim: Yes, we have a good rural location, but we’re still close to a lot of large urban areas like Basildon, Southend and Chelmsford, with good links from London and the rest of the south-east via the M25.

Digger: What types of cars are at the show? 

Tim: The quality of the cars on show is high. We have been very fortunate with the show in the last two years and expect this to continue in future. If you look at some of the vehicles in our gallery on the website you’ll see what I mean.

Digger: What are the prices for entry and for entering a car into the show?

Tim: Registration of a car at the show is £10 which gives free entry to the driver and all passengers, public entry for the day is £5 per person.

Digger: How long has the show been going?

Tim: This is our third year in 2012.

Digger: I noticed that C4's Countdown's Rachel Riley was a guest at the show last year.

Tim: Yes, Rachel is a celebrity who does a lot of work for charity and she is great fun. We’re hoping Rachel will be supporting us again this year.

Digger: What are your retro passions?

Tim: Jane and I enjoy classic cars and all things retro.




Classic Car & Retro Show - Classic cars from the bygone years of motoring,
Vintage Fashions & Apparel, Automotive Art, Side Shows & Stalls,
Refreshments, Music & Dance.


Digger: And what are the best things about running the show?

Tim: I love to see people enjoying themselves, dancing, eating, drinking and socialising, of course seeing the gleaming classic cars arriving and people dressed in period clothes.

Digger: I know that you are very much involved with dementia charities? 

Tim: Yes, Jane’s father unfortunately developed Alzheimer’s and we were able to get him a much-needed place at a local dementia respite centre. In order to give something back, we decided to raise funds for that charity via our event. The charity we support is Peaceful Place, which aims to improve the lives of people with young onset dementia and those that care for them in South East Essex.

Digger: What sort of comments and feedback do you get about the show from exhibitors and visitors? 

Tim: All very positive. People tell us they love the show and the venue– we have been very lucky with the weather in the past two years and people enjoy a picnic by their classic car. The show continues to grow each year in terms of visitors and attractions.

Digger: What plans have you got for the future of the show Tim? 

Tim: I want the show to simply be the best of it’s kind in this area. 

Digger: I suppose it must take a lot of planning and preparation?

Tim: Yes, six months of work to get the show organised.

Digger: And then on the day of the show itself I don’t suppose you really get a chance to take in what’s happening?

Tim: It's usually pretty hectic on the day, but it's so worthwhile to see an eclectic  mix of classic vehicles plus people enjoying the music and retro atmosphere.

Digger: What else can we expect for 2012?

Tim: More great cars, more vintage stalls, more live music and dancing, retro-themed catering, a Pimms bar plus cream teas on the lawn. We're going to be bigger and better than ever in 2012. Don't miss it. Put the date in your diary now.



Our aim is to raise money for charity, through your enthusiasm for classic cars and all things nostalgic...




Phone: 07775  733911
Classic Car and Retro Show







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