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 - Seven beautifully restored, 100% original VW Campers for hire.


Digger talked to Adam Stanley about his business,, specialising in the hire of Retro VW Campers. now have 'a fleet' of seven immaculate vintage campers available, each with its own unique personality and specifications.




Van Halen, Van Gogh, Van Dyke



Digger: Can you please tell us a little bit about your background and the background to Camper4hire?

Adam: Camper4hire was set up three years ago by myself, following large demand for VW campervans and the ever rising prices of these vans, making it almost impossible for normal people to afford to experience the much loved VW Campervan.

Digger: The Campers having the 'Van' names and 'personalities' is a really fun twist and the campers are all quite individual. What sorts of packages are you offering?

Adam: With nearly all of our vehicles being over 30 years old, we thought it only fair that rather than treat them as a number or registration number. We explained to people a brief history of each van, and gave them a name to make the whole hire a little more of a personal experience.

Digger: Why is retro, and why are VW campers specifically, so enduringly popular?

Adam: I believe the whole image of a VW campervan represents Summer time freedom and relaxation to a lot of people, as it has done for 30 years. And no other vehicle will get you so many smiley faces and waves from passers-by as you drive down the road.

Digger: What makes Camper4hire special?

Adam: Apart from staying one of the best value hire companies in the country, we pride ourselves on offering everything you need to enjoy your experience all included in the price. With no hidden extras from knifes and forks to Drive away awning to attach to the vans.  With our central location (Leicestershire), we are also handy for a lot of people, to pick a van up on route to there final destination, taking advantage of our unlimited mileage allowance.

Digger: What are the best things about what you do? 

Adam: I think for all of us at Camper4hire, nothing can compare to the huge smiles on kid's faces when they turn up to collect the van, jumping up and down. (and yes... it is the same story for the adults.)


Van Percy, Van Morrison, Van Outen



Digger: What sort of feedback are you getting from clients and where are they coming from? 

Adam: We actually find that in addition to local customers, a lot of our hirers travel from all over London, Wales and even Scotland to meet the vans.

Digger: What things should clients consider when booking a VW camper break? 

Adam: As far as driving is concerned, the vans are old......they do not have servo-assisted brakes, nor power steering, so we just advise people to drive with extra care and leave more distance from the vehicle in front.  We do also offer new VW T5 hire for not much more, catering for people who are looking for an easier driving experience.

Digger: Where do you see the future for Camper4hire and do you have any other 'Vans' in mind for the future?

Adam: When we put our most recent T5 VW Campervan on the site we ran a competition on our Facebook page asking for suggestions for his name...Van Dam got the most votes.  We do realise that after 2 or 3 more vans for hire we will be struggling to find names, so all suggestions are welcome.  We would like to expand our fleet of vans as quickly as possible and become the only name for Campervan hire in the UK, offering unrivalled service and a unique Campervan experience.

I would also like to point out that out New T5 van is available for European Hire too!



Classic and New VW Campervan hire from the Midlands to anywhere in the UK. Hire a VW Camper that is 100% original and it will provided you with an unforgettable holiday or festival experience.

7 Beautifully restored, 100% original VW Campers / VW Campervans and new VW T5's including breakdown cover and full insurance to hire throughout the UK, from the iconic 1965 VW split screen camper to the latest, ultra modern T5 VW camper. Unlike most other Campervan hire companies our 1960's and 1970's vans still boast their original interiors and have been carefully selected by us to offer that 100% classic VW camping experience.
  • Van Dyke was born nearly 45 years ago in 1965 and has travelled all the way from Sunny California last year to join our fleet so he is used to the hot weather. 
  • Van Gogh is our sunflower yellow, original and "fully loaded" Westfalia Camper.
  • Van Morrison was saved from the far reaches of Scotland , and was hand picked by us because although he needed a lot of TLC on the outside. Now fully restored, he is now in 100% original and in perfect condition.
  • Van Percy is available for hire from the end of March 2011, complete with thermostatically controlled, gas central heating!
  • Van Halen joined us in January 2010 and although his previous owner had called him  Shrek, we thought him far too good looking for a "Shrek" and promptly re named him.
  • Van Outen and his bespoke modern interior is available for all normal hire dates and also weddings & proms for people who love VW Campervans.  All our Campers come with a 2 or 4 man Drive away Awning at no extra cost, for that little bit more living space.
Unit 9, Vulcan Way
Hermitage Ind. Est.
LE67 3FW

Tel: 01530 832448/ 01530 814143 
Mobile: Trevor 07960141370 or Adam 07747771150






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