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Mazeys - a fusion of Footwear, Music and Fashion


From humble beginnings but with an ambitious eye to the future and The Internet and with their passionate blend of Music and Fashion, Mazeys have carved-out a name for themselves as the leading provider of pop culture-related footwear, clothing and accessories.

Punk, Mod, 2-Tone, Cowboy and Desert boots, even Retro Gola and Dunlop bags, it's all here...

Digger talked to Dave Sedman who runs Mazeys about the history of the business and what Mazeys offer today.

Digger: Please tell us about your background and about your passion for footwear, fashion and music.

Dave: I'm the son of a market trader who sold shoes. I started selling shoes at the age of seven on Sunday markets with my dad. Due to the fact that trading on a Sunday was illegal, I was often left holding the fort when the police came around to prosecute. LOL. With the sands of time passing by, I worked Saturdays and Sundays and during the holidays too. A lot of the lines, like the Dr Martens and Monkey boots, we still sell today. As for music, it was 1979 and I was 10, my first single was Gary Numan's Cars and it was one of the most inspiring times for music. I was also a fan of the 2tone Ska movement of the time. Stars were stars and dressed like stars, so I guess our trip starts there.

Digger: And the background to Mazeys?

Dave:  Mazeys was born out of my love of music and fashion (mainly shoes.) At the age of 18, I met at a trade show a company called George Cox who made the creepers for Malcolm McLaren's Sex shop in London. For the first time in my life I found some of the shoes that the stars wore. I spent the next 20 years working out how the son of a market trader living in a farming community could become a Malcolm McLaren!!!! And then, one Sunday in December, I kind of did it. My now ex-wife and I started a company called Slippers Direct on eBay and after a few months sales went though the roof. But due to my lack of technical skills, I gave it to her when we parted ways in 2007. Still working on the markets, I figured now was the time to give it a go - the dream, or madness which is what most people thought when I told them what we were about to start.

Digger: What are your most popular lines?

Dave: Our most popular lines are our range of desert boots, but the Ikon and Dr Martens ranges are very popular too.

Digger: Why is Retro and Vintage so enduring?

Dave: It's the stunning range of styles in street fashion. The last 20 years have been all trainers and sportswear. I guess I like to have something different from the rest.

Digger: What is it that makes Mazeys special?

Dave: All I can say is that we go out of our way to make sure that all the goods are made to a high spec, that it looks like it should and not a revamped version of what was.

Digger: What gives you most pleasure about what you are doing?

Dave: To have a range of goods that we have built up and knowing that someone will love it like we do.

Digger: What sort of feedback do you get from customers, where are they coming from and how key is The Internet to your business?

Dave: Well, online you dont really get to meet the customers like in the real world but we have taken our Mod range out on the road to the scooter rallies and they can't believe that some of the stuff we sell is still made. Living where we live, The Internet is the only place to be.

Digger: What plans have you for the future of Mazeys?

Dave:  Our plans for the future are to make our clothing range bigger and to push on with out Rock/Goth range.

Digger: Thanks Dave. Keep the faith! 


Men's Footwear, Ladies Footwear, desert boots, Men's Slippers, Ladies Slippers, Cowboy / Biker, mod/2tone, punk/rock, Dr Martens, steel toe caps, sports shoes, character bags, jackets, bags Gola/Dunlop, Ikon, POD AND KICKERS

We were started in 1969 by Colin Sedman who went round many towns in the east Yorkshire area with his mobile shoe stand and was joined by his son David in the mid 80s, Colin retired in 1997 and the company is now run by the team of David, Fred and Mazey (the boss) with the help of the young and up and coming James and Thomas who thought it would be an idea to blend the love of Music and Fashion to create what is now.
Unit 15
The Green
Hutton Cranswick
nr Driffield
YO25  9PD

Tel: 01377271651 (9 till 5)






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