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The English Caravan Company 
- Proud to show, proud to tow!


Richard Stark at The ECC is building stunning and stylish caravans based on designs from the 30's through to the 50’s but constructed with the very latest up-to-date technical specifications and the newest high-performance materials and technology. Richard is a craftsman who uses his skill and techniques to offer you a traditional hand-built caravan to be proud of. 

Here, Digger talks to Richard about his love of these old designs and traditional materials and techniques blended with modern comfort and specifications.






Digger: Hello Richard. Can you please tell us about your background and the background to The English Caravan Company?

Richard: I've been a joiner all my life and have owned various caravans. A few years back I was asked to carry out a refurbishment of an old caravan. I enjoyed this work so much so I set about setting up on my own. TECC came about in Feb 2010. I wanted to build retro styled caravans but using new modern materials and mixing them with 40's 50's styling and decor.

Digger: Please tell us about your passion for these thirties, forties and fifties caravans.

Richard: There is something quintessentially English about caravans from these eras. The shape, the colours, the functional simplicity. Afternoon tea and cake. Fish and chips on the beach. Sand in the sleeping bag and seaweed in your sandals. Buckets and spades and sandcastles. I love old England, the good old days, the summer holidays, the green rolling hills, the white chalk downs of Sussex.

Digger: Why are we so nostalgic about those times, even those of us who can't remember them?

Richard: Again, it takes us back to happy simple times. No mobiles, no TV's, no Internet. Just sun, sand, sea and uncluttered open roads, freedom, space and time.

Digger: Can you please tell us what sorts of specs and what options are available?

Richard: We're building three sizes and they are all built to individual requirements. The Classic Teardrop is the smallest. Sleeps two, with scope for cooker, sink, fridge etc, you choose the spec, from £6995. The Toyhauler, does what it says on the tin. Built to carry a motorbike or jet ski or quad bike. Tow your caravan together with your 'toy' in the comfort of your car to lands far away. Unload your toy and play, where the 'van converts back into a caravan for your stay away. Sink, toilet, cooker beds, lighting. All to your choice, from £8995.



Then there's the Classic. A full size 11' 6", 2 +2 berth or solely 2 berth luxury tourer. All built to individual requirements.
All three are built entirely by hand, using quality materials and fabrics throughout and no two 'vans will ever be the same.

Digger: What should people consider when thinking about investing in one of your caravans?

Richard: Buying or ordering one of these is like commissioning a piece of furniture. Very and totally unique, we build it just for you, to your spec, all by hand. They are a caravan to be proud of, proud to own, proud to tow.





Digger: What are the best things about what you do?

Richard: Every square inch is hand built and hand finished, no machine can match the hand finish of, for example, birds eye maple. Hand applied, hand polished, you can see and feel the work that has gone into the cabinetry, totally unique. Each and every caravan is built just for it's owner, owning one of ours is like owning a bespoke piece of furniture, something to be treasured, something to be handed down through family.

Digger: What sort of comments and feedback are you getting from clients?

Richard: The feedback has been amazing, it really has blown us away. Whenever and wherever we take the Teardrop out we get mobbed. One time we were in the centre of Brighton, such was the interest the road was closed due to so many people wanting to see her. If you want to make friends, buy one of our Teardrops, it will open up a whole new social world to you. You will never be alone.
ALL the feedback has been positive, no negatives at all. People just love the retro style, people want to relive and remember times gone by, owning one of these harks back to the styles of simple, functional, less stressful times. Something it seems many many people love.

Digger: What impact has The Internet on your business?

Richard: Most requests for information come direct through our web site. We've had enquiries from all over Europe, Canada and the USA, South Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and Tasmania. Literally global interest.

Digger: What are your ambitions for the future of The English Caravan Company?

Richard: I'd like to see us in bigger premises, where we can take on more staff, carry out more refurbishments on original old English caravans and make this a company that is truly born from the heart of Old Quintessentially Englishness. Like I said, bucket and spade, fish and chips, seaweed and sand. The English Caravan Company. Proud to own, proud to tow.






Telephone: 01462 743904
Mobile: 07831 176034


The English Caravan Company 
- Proud to show, proud to tow!

Working in carpentry and joinery since my schooldays, I have a passion and soul for the creative process, with sawdust in my veins. I have always had a great interest in caravans, especially those I would call, ‘quintessentially English’ caravans. Those built with substance, passion and skill.

We are building stylish caravans based on designs from the 30's through to the 50’s but constructed with the very latest up to date technical specifications, and the newest high performance materials and technology, but retaining the craftsmanship, skill and techniques that give a true hand built item something money simply can’t & soul.

Using traditional fine wood veneers such as pippy oak, birds eye maple, ash and English oak. Incorporating traditional dovetail joints on the drawers with heavy duty runners and mortise and tenon joints where applicable, you will have a traditional hand-built caravan to be proud of.

We now carry out refurbs on all caravans including American Airstreams as well as English caravans.

Proud to show....and proud to tow!





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