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Aka Bags Ltd - a great range of Retro and Airline bags


Here Digger talks to David at Aka Bags who have a distinctive range of Retro and Airline bags. 



Digger: Hello David. How are you?

David: Hello Digger. Very well thanks.

Digger: Can you please tell us about your Retro bags?

David: The Retro bags can be made in a range of prints, styles and colours of bags. And they’re made here in the UK.

Digger: That’s unusual these days.

David: Yes, they’re made in the UK. Made to order,  making use of artwork and logos from the clients.

Digger: What are the timelines on them?

David: They’re made to order and we turn them round in a couple of weeks. From orders of fifty or so up to orders of many thousands.

Digger: Who are your clients?

David: We get a wide variety of clients from Universities to film festivals to rock bands to events of all kinds.

Digger: Is it mainly UK?

David: No we span much further afield – we’ve exported all over Europe to varying events.

Digger: A British export success story.

David: Yes. Very much so.

Digger: Why are Retro bags and Airline bags so popular at the moment?

David: Sixties and seventies seems to be the in thing at the moment and we are getting a huge demand for Retro and Airline bags.

Digger: Do you think that it’s a moving target so that in the future the eighties and nineties will be equally as popular? Maybe Freddie Laker bags?

David: I think Retro is what people are looking for but you can adapt it. As long as you’ve got the right materials and right styles then you can use modern day but get the Retro feel.



Digger: Have you got any Retro passions?

David: Music. I have a good collection of vinyl albums.

Digger: Are they in good condition?

David: Yeah, excellent condition.

Digger: That’s just what you need.

David: I’ve kept them from the sixties and the seventies.

Digger: Most of mine were treated very badly so I ended up keeping the album cover art and throwing the vinyl away because it was in poor condition. What are the best things about running the business?

David: Meeting and talking to a wide variety of people from completely different backgrounds and companies. No two days are the same and you never know who you’re going to be talking to next.

Digger: What impact has The Internet got on your business?

David: The Internet, for us, is a different way of advertising whereas in the past we would have done exhibitions or appeared in lots of magazines. It’s just another way of people finding us.

Digger: And what about plans for the future?

David: We are always working on new styles and global domination!

Digger: Hopefully we can join forces on that one David. Well, thanks for letting us know about your Retro bags.

David: Thank you.



We specialise in bags and provide a personal, professional and friendly service at very competitive prices. We have a great range of Retro and Airline bags.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing, exporting and importing, especially from the UK, China, India and South America. aKa bags exports from the UK to all parts of the world.

We design and manufacture individual styles through to complete ranges for our customers' various specific needs. Logos and advertising can be printed, embossed or embroidered on most products.

Tel: 020 8440 1100



Aka Bags Ltd
Soller House
156 Barnet Road
Arkley, Herts EN5 3LJ
United Kingdom





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