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Panamint Cinema evolved from a hobby in 1998 to a full-time enterprise in 2001, following the successful release on VHS of a classic BBC railway about the last days of steam on the West Highland Railway, soon to be re-released on DVD with three other restored films about the West Highland lines.

Since then we have produced 70 DVDs featuring classic documentaries  from the Nation’s film archive, television companies and independent film producers.

Highlights have been the premiere of the GPO Film Unit’s “Night Mail” on DVD in 2002, John Grierson’s “Drifters” also in 2002, Scotland’s first Oscar winner, “Seawards the Great Ships”, and the first Scottish Blu-ray “Faces of Scotland” in 2010, featuring nine restored gems from the Films of Scotland Collection, recently featured in a six-part series on BBC Scotland.

Other firsts have been a series of DVDs about industrial companies including steel  making, hydro-electric schemes,  car manufacture and textiles, and a 2-disc retrospective of Kay Mander, who produced many fine films about training in war time and important social issues of the 1940s.

Panamint Cinema DVDs  cover all of the United Kingdom, and include the 1951 Festival of Britain, World War II propaganda films, and Britain’s rural heritage.

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Historical Documentary Films on DVD, UK - Panamint Cinema
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