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Digger asked Keith at Jukebox Selection about their jukeboxes, neons and pool tables. 



Digger: What is your background and can you tell us how Jukebox Selection started and how the company has evolved into what it is today?

Keith: Both Eddie and myself were working in the leisure industry - fruit machines, jukeboxes and pool tables etc. I was a service engineer fixing equipment on site and Ed was the pool table guy. I never knew I would end up fixing this stuff in people’s houses. We just did the odd juke now and again. But we were offered the equipment, which we bought. It filled a garage we had put up at the bottom of the garden. That is how we started and we still work from the garage. We are both too scared to say “Lets do this full time”. Like I said, not really business men.

Digger: Why is vintage, retro and nostalgia so popular in so many people's lives and why are Jukeboxes so evocative of decades past?

Keith: Vintage and retro will never disappear, even for today’s children. In thirty years' time they will be saying, “I remember that CD jukebox in my pub when I started drinking”. I don’t really remember any jukes in pubs when I started drinking, certainly nothing that would stick in my mind. I look at the classic jukes now and think “Don’t they look good”. Of course the retro or vintage feeling for the 60’s jukeboxes is a little strange as they are more a copy or feel of the big American cars, lots of chrome and fins, nothing related to the UK at all. The 40s and 50s jukes were more pieces of furniture which again wouldn’t appeal to the normal Brit as he wouldn’t have a house big enough to put one in! It is a combination of music and style, people still wanting to be Elvis or the Beatles and being played on a juke from that era.

Digger: What advice would you give to somebody looking to buy a Jukebox?

Keith: If you want a jukebox be sure of what you want so have a good look around. Don’t buy a vintage piece if you don’t intend on using it every weekend or more. It will stop working. Besides, what can you buy nowadays that will increase in value and begs you to still use it? CD jukes are cheap enough nowadays so start with one of those and see if you use it enough to warrant moving up to the big stuff.



Digger: Can you tell us about the sales and repairs aspects of your business?

Keith: We love to prepare and repair our jukes although even after 25 odd years there’s still a lot to learn. The sales side is not our strong point. We rely on eBay, which is a bad way of doing business, and on word of mouth or recommendation. Because we do things our way, we like to think properly. We don’t get bad feedback or any bed feelings towards what we do.

Digger: What about the neon signs and pool tables? Can you tell us more about those?

Keith: The neons were my idea based around the music that I love and another item we could add to make a games room a little more special. We wanted to have anything a person wanted to put into a games room. There is always interest in the neons when I display them at soul discos. Most people want their own design, which we can arrange. It is time-consuming to do but well worth it when you see the customer's reaction to their finished neon. The pool tables are again something that we can do and are another thing to put into a games room.

Digger: What are the best sellers?

Keith: The rock and roll and back to the 50’s neons have sold but the soul music label neons haven’t done anything which surprised me seeing as they were the ones I wanted and thought would sell well. You live and learn. Having said that, I have just sold 4 Tamla Motown neons in a week, 3 to one guy.

Digger: What customer feedback do you get?

Keith: We don’t get any bad feedback or complaints but we try hard to make sure we don’t.

Digger: What are the best aspects of running Jukebox Selection?

Keith: The best bits are that me and Eddie can still work together after all these years and solving the problems we get with the jukes. You never stop learning.

Digger: What are your plans for Jukebox Selection in the future?

Keith: The future is changing. With so many people now selling jukes, the pub trade has deteriorated  so much that there are loads of jukes out there for people to sell. We want to spend more time with the older vintage jukes. We will still have the odd CD juke but not concentrate on them. We can still do repairs to the CD stuff and anything else that people want fixed in their games rooms. The neons will be something that could do well but we need a good sales guy to push it. Like I said in the first question, we are (or should that be “I am”) ideas guys not sales or business guys. I don’t know if all of the above sounds negative but we don’t have to rely on it for our salary, it’s more like a hobby run by 2 'chicken shit' old men maybe a little bit too much set in their ways. A young whippersnapper sales man or woman might kick some life into us!.....


Superb neon signs, or try our custom neon sign service, CD and vinyl jukebox sales and repair, pool table sales and re-cover.

For more information about jukeboxes or neon signs call 
Eddie on 01159 209008 or email at
Keith on 07786 727186 or email at

All of our jukeboxes are totally stripped and cleaned to make sure you get a jukebox that is as near mint as we can get it. We have spent many days working on techniques to make sure we achieve our aim of giving you a jukebox to be proud of. These jukeboxes carry a 6 month return to base warranty.

The range of neons that we have are made almost exclusively for us at "The Jukebox Selection Co" with only the "Back To The 50s" and the "Rock and Roll" neon being standard items. At the moment they cover two types of music, rock and roll and soul, but this will be extended to cover all forms of music. We can create neons to your own design and style, just let us know what you would like and our designer and manufacturer will create a sample for you to look at before production goes ahead. There are also hundreds of standard designs available that cover motor sport, bar names, open and closed, alcohol, leisure and many more, just let us know what genre you need and we will send you pictures of all neons available.






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