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Replica Discs and Film Cells




Replica Discs and Film Cells have really taken off in recent times as gifts and as unusual and unique items to decorate a study, a den or a games room. Here, Digger talks to John who runs - genuine and original Film Cells and - Replica Gold discs. 



Digger: Good morning John.

John: Good morning David.

Digger: Can you please tell us about these businesses youíve created?

John: I started doing the film cells and the gold discs back in 2002. A friend of mine, who ran a wholesale business, said could I do this? I had a sign-making company at the time. Shop fronts and screen printing and all the sorts of things involved with signs. So I decided Iíd give it a go on top of everything else I did. I managed to source the films and the discs and started selling them to a friend of mine. And they went all over the world.  Then somebody else came in and undercut me and we fell out. I thought, ďWell, I know how to make these things. Why donít I just carry on?Ē So I did do and then I got involved selling on eBay. A cousin of mine was a web designer and so he said heíd build me a website and it all carried on from there.

Digger: So now youíve got both the websites. Are both businesses going equally well or has one taken off better then the other?

John: The films have always done better than the gold discs.

Digger: Why is that, do you think?

John: Well, theyíre a lot cheaper. (Digger laughs)  Instead of £80 for a gold disc theyíre about £15 and so somebody can easily buy one for a present.  For men ... because men are notoriously difficult to buy for. The film cells have always gone better than the gold discs.

Digger: Is there a finite source of these?

John: There is, especially with films because everythingís going digital now and all the cinemas are changing to digital and so eventually all the films are just going to run out. So whateverís left will suddenly go up in price.

Digger: Iím presuming that there are some particular shots that are worth a lot more than others?

John: Well, there are. There are some films that are very difficult to get hold of. Some of the older films like The Great Escape and some of the Bruce Lee movies are rare. Youíre going back to the seventies and itís thirty or forty years ago now. So they are very hard to find.

Digger: Youíre still managing to source these at the moment so demand is bigger than supply I suppose?

John: It is, yes. This Christmas has been the busiest I have ever been.

Digger: Brilliant.

John: I probably did twice as much business this Christmas as I did last Christmas. When I first decided to take the plunge and do this full-time as it were I was nervous as you know.

Digger: Itís a seasonal thing so I suppose you have to make hay while the sun shines?

John: Yes. But funnily enough I had a phone call from a chap in Germany yesterday who is interested in wholesaling my gold discs over there. So heís been on the 'phone to me a couple of times and thereís lots of things in the pipeline.

Digger: Itís hard to find gifts for guys and a lot of people are looking to decorate their homes with something retro and a bit different. At £15, itís not a difficult choice is it?

John: No. Absolutely, somebodyís dad always has his favourite films, doesnít he? And it makes an unusual present for birthdays and Christmas.

Digger: Are you getting a lot of repeat business?

John: Iím getting quite a lot of repeat business, funnily enough. Itís strange how the same names keep cropping up. So obviously people collect them as well.

Digger: Yes. So who is buying them? Is it UK or international?

John:  Iím selling them all over the world really. America, Australia, Europe Ė probably mainly UK, but they are definitely going all over the world.

Digger: Itís nice to know that The Internet is truly working for you. Why do you think retro is such a big thing in peopleís lives John?

John: I think it just reminds people of what they see as the best times. Iím sure everybody says that.

Digger: They do, but they all have their own take on it. I think itís because we are in very uncertain times, so people like to look back to what they see as a more secure and familiar time. They retreat back to what they know.

John: People remember back to their childhood and their favourite things and films and music always remind people of those better times.

Digger: What sorts of film cells have passed through your hands in the past month or so?

John: Probably the biggest seller this year has been The Wizard Of Oz.

Digger: Youíve got original film cells from the original Oz movie?

John: Yes.

Digger: Amazing. I suppose they would have produced quite a few prints of these?

John: Oh yes, thereíll be quite a few prints knocking about somewhere. But again, now, thatís a very difficult one to get hold of now.

Digger: Does that mean thereís a premium for those cells and theyíre more than £15?






John: Yes, there are certain films that, for a small strip, I charge £1 or £2 more. As far as music goes, well probably the biggest sellers have been the standard ones Ė Oasis, The Beatles, Elvis. There are so many of these that go well.

Digger: Have you got any retro passions yourself?

John: Believe it or not Iíve got all the original Hulk comics from 1972.

Digger: The whole run?

John: The whole run, complete.

Digger: They must be worth a fortune?

John: I donít know. I donít think the UK versions are worth as much as the American.

Digger: They still might be worth a fair bit if youíve got the whole set. Itís probably worth checking it.

John: Theyíve been in a suitcase since I was a young lad.

Digger: A lot of people say that, but that means theyíll be in top condition as well so Iíd get them checked out if I was you because they could be worth a bit.

John: You never know.

Digger: Can you tell us about your plans for the business John? Onward and upward I guess?

John: Yes, onward and upward. Iím increasing the range all the time, putting on new discs and new movies on the website. Iíve also just recently got in touch with a factory called Bygone Times.

Digger: Oh yes, I know them, they are on my website.

John: Are they? Yes, where everything is retro stuff. Thereís that one and another called Botany Bay - you can have a stall in there and you donít have to man it. So thatís the next  thing Ė Iím going to start stocking up these places so I donít have to be there and I continue doing what Iím doing.

Digger: And they just take a commission when they sell something for you.

John: Yes. And Iíve got this chap in Germany thatís very keen on getting the replica discs over into Germany. So, yes, things are really looking up. Isnít it funny though, when I was wondering if Iíd done the right thing?

Digger: I know. Thatís great. No, itís really good news and if you can do it in this sort of climate then just think what itís going to be like when things really take off.

John: Absolutely.

Digger: Youíve done very well there and what a way to start the new year!

John: Iím very pleased.

Digger: Iím very pleased for you. Thanks for letting us know about your film cells and gold discs John.

John: Okay David. Thank you.




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