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The most outrageous suits around -

Bright colours and wild prints

Suits, Jackets and Waistcoats

It has never been easier to get your very own made to measure suit. Get started now; choose your suit material, choose your funky lining, fill in your measurements on our easy to use measurement guide, fill in payment details, and 3 weeks later you will have your suit in a smart
Nakal suit cover.

Suits made for you. At
Nakal they offer a fantastic range of suits that are made uniquely for each customer.

Nakal's crazy suits are perfect for any fancy dress occasion, sports tour or stag party. These suits are wardrobe essentials so dont miss out. 

Here Digger talks to Alex, the young entrepreneur who has founded this colourful and fun business...




Alex: Hello David.

Digger: Good morning Alex. Please tell us about the background to Nakal Clothing and how and why you formed this enterprise?

Alex: I set it up with a friend in Indonesia. We were travelling together and decided to get a suit made. We were going to get a normal coloured suit and we got to the tailors and we thought "Hang on let’s go crazy and get some bright colours." (Digger laughs)

Digger: Was this someone you know in Indonesia or were your travelling with them from the UK?

Alex: We’re both surfers and came across this material and said “Right, we’re going to get some bright green suits made.” So we got them made and started walking around and looking quite cool and people were looking at us.

Digger: And asking you where you got them from?

Alex: Yes, exactly, and actually an Indonesian person came up to us and said “Ah. You’re very ‘Nakal.” and we said “What does Nakal mean?” And they said “You’re very cheeky.”

Digger: Ah! So that’s what it means.

Alex:  Yes, and so we decided to buy twenty suits and bring them back in our luggage into the UK.

Digger: (Laughs) "Anything to declare?"

Alex: A bit dodgy, but we brought them back and sold twenty suits within a week and we knew we were onto something.


Digger: It’s great when things fly that like that, isn’t it?

Alex: Yes, it really is. So we set up our website and gave it a go at selling online and it really worked.

Digger: That is a genuine wedding party photo on your site, is it?

Alex: Yes, that’s a real wedding.

Digger: (Laughs) Sponsored by Nakal. Can you tell us a bit about the services you provide?

Alex: We sell bright coloured, animal print and flag-emblazoned suits, jackets and waistcoats. We get our suits made-to-measure on our website.

Digger: And you turn it round in, what, a couple of weeks?

Alex: Yes, two to three weeks.

Digger: Is that worldwide, UK?...

Alex: It’s just in the UK at the moment but hopefully we are going to move over to other places pretty soon.

Digger: I would imagine that as people find out about it there’ll be a huge market for it because we’re such party animals.

Alex: Yes, exactly. That’s why we’re doing it really. The other thing we can do is custom design suits. So if someone comes to us and says “We want a suit made with half yellow, half red", we can do that too. We are going more and more into custom design.

Digger: I’m thinking also about these people who go on stags and events abroad – whenever I’m in a European city I always see a group of Brits dressed in identical fancy dress or T-Shirts. I’m thinking you could extend that so they’re dressed smartly.

Alex: Yes, that’s one of our aims.

Digger: Why is retro and nostalgia so perennially popular?
Alex: I guess it’s people trying to reconnect to their youth in some ways. I guess we’re always looking back .

Digger: But sometimes you’ve got youngsters, like yourself if you don’t mind me saying so, who couldn’t have experienced the sixties or the seventies first-hand. Why are they fascinated by retro?
Alex: It’s funny. I guess it’s just something that seems different to what we wear now and I sometimes wonder if we will be looking back in twenty years at the clothes we wear these days and wearing them as retro-style.

Digger: (Laughs) I won’t that’s for sure! It seems as though we never appreciate the present as much as the past and things always seems better looking back.
Alex: Yes.

Digger: What sort of feedback do you get about your products from customers?
Alex: Well, normally our good customers give us repeat orders – they normally start off with something quite modest like a bright blue suit and then they get a bit of confidence and think “Let’s give a tiger suit a go.” And then they go for a fluorescent green or something like that.

Digger: Sounds addictive! Do you get people who are working in banks or traditional business people who are doing this as well?
Alex: Yes. Professional people are a group we target a lot.

Digger: It's great and I wish you’d been around when I was working in an office. The only way I used to have to display a bit of individuality was through my ties. It must be great if you turn up to work in a leopard spotted suit because they can’t say anything, can they? The company protocol dictates merely that you wear a suit!
Alex: Yes. I know and some of them do it as an office joke which is quite funny. My father works in insurance and he went into a board meeting wearing a zebra striped suit.

Digger: What would have been even funnier was if nobody mentioned it or reacted at all.
Alex: Yes. It went down really well, he said.

Digger: The suits come in amazing designs and colours. What are the most unusual and outrageous of these?
Alex: I reckon our most outrageous design is the pink zebra stripes. It takes a pretty brave person to pull that off.

Digger: It is about attitude really because one person could wear something and look ridiculous because they were feeling self-conscious. Whereas someone with a lot of confidence could look really cool and impressive, not to say cheeky. As Eddie Izzard pointed out, there’s a circle of cool and the line between total nerd and really cool is very close and you have to go the long way round to pull it off.

Alex: Yes. And it takes a lot of confidence to first wear one of our suits but obviously I’ve got used to it now and I’m quite an out there person. Sometimes we go out and about around London wearing our suits and people look out of windows and so on and you think “Oh God, everyone’s looking at me.” But as the day goes on you tend to forget you’re wearing it.

Digger: Quite a challenge for your partner I suppose?
Alex: Yes.

Digger: What are the most enjoyable aspects of what you do?
Alex: Probably just having all the suits to wear – I have twenty here.

Digger: And also being a young entrepreneur?
Alex: Yes, and being able to do this alongside my studies. That helps a lot. Being a student is quite enjoyable.

Digger: What are you studying?
Alex: Business management.

Digger: Okay, so that’s quite appropriate then?
Alex: Yes, it works very well alongside the business.

Digger: Does that include marketing as well as accounting and so on?
Alex: Yes, marketing and a bit of everything really.

Digger: Who are your typical customers?
Alex: We sell to all sorts of people really – stag parties are our biggest market at the moment, we’ve done bands and entertainers. We target students a bit, young professionals and weddings.

Digger: Funnily enough, several of those that you mentioned would have been my guess as relevant targets for these suits. That’s good.
Alex: Yes.

Digger: What plans do you have for the future of Nakal Clothing?
Alex: In the near future we’re going to be setting up an accessories page on our website. We’re going to start doing bright coloured ties, cummerbunds, that sort of stuff.

Digger: Braces and cufflinks?
Alex: Yes, braces, cufflinks – slowly developing into those kinds of things and brightly coloured shoes, shirts and hats perhaps. Belts as well.

Digger: Sounds great. All your bright and outrageous clothing and accessories in one place.
Alex: So we’re going to be doing that and I’ve also got some ideas which won’t be quite as outrageous – jumpers and that sort of thing.

Digger: It’s a great idea, Alex, and it’s definitely going to fly. I do wish you the best of luck with it and with your studies.
Alex: Thank you.

Digger: How long have you been going for now?
Alex: About a year and a half.

Digger: I suppose your main focus is your studies?
Alex: Yes, it’s meant to be. I am mainly focusing on the business.

Digger: Yes, but I guess that this is the best sort of course you can have with this practical experience you’re getting?
Alex: Definitely and it really helps with my studies.

Digger: Are the tutors noticing this?
Alex: They are. And actually one of my modules for this year is called Business Enterprise where you’re meant to write a business plan and set up a business but obviously I had that already. I just said "Let me use my business" and they did so along with that I’ve got six people from my course working for me, for free basically! So that’s pretty handy for me.

Digger: Thanks Alex. I wish everybody was as straightforward to talk to as you and you obviously know your stuff. Thank you for that and I love what you’re doing so I really wish you well with it
Alex: That's good.

Digger: If only you’d been around when I was a suited and booted person. I would have had a standing order with you.
Alex: Thanks very much.

Digger: Thanks Alex. Take care.
Alex: Bye.






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