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Digger talks to Neil Drover at The Neil Drover Agency - Entertainment Agent Neil Drover provides an impressive list of entertainers, bands, wedding bands, ceilidh bands, swing, jazz, tribute acts, musicians and more




Acts and stars you can book with Neil include Jimmy Tarbuck, The Searchers,
 Four Poofs & a Piano, Gerry Marsden, Carol Smillie, Dame Shirley Bassey,
 Dionne Warwick and Dame Edna Everage  




Digger: Can you please tell us a little about your background and the background to The Neil Drover agency?

Neil: I started the agency in 1981 In Glasgow's West End. Before that I was a guitarist, singer and band leader.

Digger: What are the main services you offer? 

Neil: We supply entertainment, entertainers and organise events.

Digger: What are the best things about what you do?

Neil: It is a social business - great fun and I am my own boss. 

Digger: What sort of feedback are you getting from clients?

Neil: We have built our business on repeat business and recommendations. We have hotels and customers that we have dealt with since we started in the early 80's.

Digger: What sort of an impact has The Internet had on your business? 

Neil: Massive! 90% of enquiries even from existing customers come through by email. All our customers access and choose acts from our website.

Digger: What is your take on the celebrity culture?

Neil: It is sometimes unhealthy for Society and gives children in particular the wrong impression of what it takes to be a success. That said, we all get caught up in it and it is good for business. But I do have reservations and I'm constantly surprised that anybody that appears on TV seems to be treated like a celebrity by the public.

Digger: Tribute bands are big business these days. Why do you think they are so popular?

Neil: Tributes capture the very essence of the star they are copying and is as close as most people will ever get to their favourite star at a fraction of the cost. Abba, Michael Jackson, Kylie, The Beatles Michael Buble, Rat Pack and Marilyn Munroe to name just a few tributes are hugely popular. Almost every star has a look-alike or tribute. Some Tributes like the Bootleg Beatles and Bjorn Again fill theatres and stadiums!

Digger: What are your future plans for The Neil Drover agency?

Neil: To expand the business into more a UK-wide agency rather than be confined to Scotland. This year through our web site we have sent acts to locations all over Britain as well as Beirut, Singapore and Africa.


Entertainment Agent Neil Drover represents an impressive list of entertainers, bands, wedding bands, ceilidh bands, swing, jazz, tribute acts, musicians
  • BANDS FOR HIRE - Wedding Bands, Ceilidh Bands, Swing and Jazz Bands, Pipers and Pipe Bands, Folk, Country, Latin & Steel Bands, Tributes Acts and Look-alikes
  • ENTERTAINERS FOR HIRE - Singers and Entertainers, Classical Musicians, Piano and Harp, Discos and DJ's, Family Fun Days, Specialist Entertainers
  • SPEAKERS & CELEBRITIES -  After Dinner Speakers & Comedians, Presenters and TV Personalities, Celebrity and Star Name Bookings. We have an extensive list of speakers and personalities and we will work with you to source the very best speakers for your event all within your budget
  • EVENT PLANNING -  Wedding Entertainment and Services, Corporate Events and Party Planning, Stage Lighting and Prop Hire
  • PROMOTIONS & LAUNCHES - Hire Models for Promotions, New Product Launches

Neil Drover started The Neil Drover Agency in the early eighties opening his first office in Byres Road, in the heart of Glasgow's West End.

In a very short time the agency was established as a major player in the entertainments business and one of the leading cabaret booking agencies in Scotland with Neil managing and exclusively representing an impressive list of top Scottish comedians and acts for clubs, theatre, radio and television

Throughout the eighties Neil and his team booked and promoted shows to theatres, hotels and clubs working with popular Scottish TV and theatre stars of the time including Rikki Fulton, Jack Milroy, Johnny Beattie, Jimmy Logan, Hector Nicol, Peter Morrison, Andy Cameron, Sydney Devine, Lena Martell and Allan Stewart as well as international stars such as Barbara Dickson, Randy Crawford, Gloria Gaynor, Elkie Brooks, Shirley Bassey, Billy Jo Spears and Tony Christie.

The agency later expanded into the modelling and promotions business with offices in Glasgow and Slough and was well placed to supply models and promotions people to leading international companies promoting their brands through fashion shows, photo shoots, product launches and promotions throughout the UK Today we represent an impressive roster of entertainers, bands, celebrities, after dinner speakers and international stars for every type of event from a small reception to an International Music Festival.

The Neil Drover Agency
Event House, 437 Crow Road,
Glasgow, Scotland, G11 7DZ
Tel: 0845 062 3377


Neil Drover Agency






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