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The LMS was founded in 1972, when Ronnie Lane, the bass player, songwriter and singer with The Small Faces and The Faces imported a 1968 Airstream Trailer from the USA.

Back then the market in mobile studios was pretty much limited to Rock Supergroup's own mobile facilities, & Ronnie's only real competition was The Rolling Stones mobile, which kicked off in the same year.

Right out of the box the LMS was a massive success, and the sound of the 'room' was legendary. With slightly concave shoulders across the whole length and width of the vehicle, the bass response, devoid of obligatory standing waves, was (& still is) stupendous, and many eminent producers considered it the flattest & most accurate control room in the world.

Very few mobile studios have ever been the environment of choice for major artist mixing except the LMS. Throughout Ronnie's tenure as owner, the studio was operated and run by legendary producer and engineer Ron Nevison who set it up for Ronnie with a custom, wraparound Helios Console, an 8 Track Studer A80 multitrack (later modified to a stacked 16track), A Series Dolbys, Valve mics, huge Keith Monks boom stands (still here!) & a BX20 spring reverb (must have sounded great bumping over the kerbs!). Back then, the Helios console was pretty much the way to go for mobiles, with most of the subsequent trucks following Ronnie's lead.




Pretty low tech, even for the day, but relying on a fabulous room, great acoustics, and a classic British analogue sound chain, driven by a proper recording console, just like it still is now! From the very first year of operation the LMS was responsible for some of the most successful and influential recordings of rock music history, and today's record companies and digital studios 'in a box' that abound in every artist's bedroom can only gaze in wonder at the kind of success that a proper studio could have, with great musicians and the benefit of dedicated analogue sound, provided by true professional engineers and producers.

After that first year the floodgates opened and the catalogue of classic recordings and legendary producers that were created inside the LMS's pastel blue, shag pile-lined aluminium shell is unmatched anywhere in rock & roll. The list is too long to recreate, but if one of your favourite records isn't here, you shouldn't be involved in rock & roll. To name but a few, and in no particular order....

  • Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti" - UK #1. US #1

  • The Who "Quadrophenia" UK #1 US #2

  • The Who - "The Who by Numbers" UK #3 US #2

  • Bad Company "Bad Company" UK #1 US #1

  • Eric Clapton "Rainbow Concert" UK #2 US #3

  • The Faces "Ooh La La" (their biggest seller) UK #1 US #3

  • The Stones "Black & Blue" UK #2 US #1

  • Mott The Hoople "Mott" UK #12 US #21

  • Ronnie Lane "Slim Chance" & "Rough mix" (w. Pete Townsend) UK & US # who cares!

Other users of the studio include: Bob Marley, Jack Bruce, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Van Morrison, The Pretty Things, The Damned, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, John Lee Hooker, Keith & Ronnie, B.B. King, Dave Edmunds, Jeff Beck and... well, pretty much anyone who ever really sold any records.

Total sales of recordings from the LMS around 500 million.

And now the LMS is back, after a long holiday. In 1982 it was sold by Ronnie to its' present owner, when Ronnie's illness with MS has really taken hold. Back in '82 the present owner, together with partner, Teddy Roffey, (the flamboyant & notorious owner of Escape Studios, in Kent) bought the LMS just to preserve it, since when it has been used exclusively with private clients of the present owner and Teddy. It hasn't been totally idle, re-mixing and archiving all of the first 7 years of Bob Marley & The Wailers JAD Records work, recording and re-mixing live sessions by The Pretty Things, Eddy Grant, Love, & David Gilmour, archiving and re-mixing classic EMI & Phillips analogue albums for vinyl re-issue.

But Teddy's retirement from the business, a flood and the passage of time precipitated a major overhaul a year or two ago, incorporating the first change of decor in 35 years. So now resplendent in classic 70's orange, cream & mauve, the LMS is taking on board another, classic, British console, and will be available to make records that change the world in a location near you any day now.

So, if you want to subscribe to the expanding hordes of faceless and characterless digital mobile facilities, offering thirty zillion, virtual channels of ghastly, music free, digital storage be my guest. However, if you want to make a record in the same room, and with the same disciplines that have created the greatest records and the greatest drum sounds in history look no further.

It's no co-incidence that the greatest drum sounds of all time the final refinement of the classic Zeppelin & Bonham sound, the purest interpretation of The Who & Moonie's explosive, clattering Premier sound and the loose, thundering energy of The Faces, and Kenny's big Ludwig noise; were all captured and preserved in the LMS. The really great records didn't make themselves. The LMS made them. It's the best mobile room out there. Period. In this day ands age, maybe the best room out there bar none.



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