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Annieth Wollery is an impressive and driven lady. Annieth has been involved in The Internet for a long time and is an expert marketer and promoter. Annieth runs a very successful online vintage handbags business specialising in sourcing rare vintage Chanel and other handbags. The business thrives because of its commitment to customer satisfaction and Annieth's keenness to provide value and service. Here, Digger talks to Annieth about the business.



Digger: Please tell us about the background to and how and why you formed this enterprise?

Annieth: I started in Internet marketing ('make money online' stuff that didn't work) so thought I would use my accumulated skills and knowledge to source and market tangible goods. I started selling hair products, but this wasn't earning enough to pay the bills. So I went in search of a higher price ticket item. I did some research and decided that the luxury industry was my best bet and decided to sell handbags. I wanted to find a hungry market and meet a need. In my research, Chanel bags caught my eye as I noticed that they had a cult following. But I also found countless stories of people who were the victims of fake Chanel sellers. I thought if only I could meet that need - a place where people could buy authentic Chanel confidently! So I set out to find a source of authentic Chanel bags and I did.

Digger: Without going into too many secrets, how do you go about sourcing handbags and other items for your online shop?

Annieth: Initially I had one supplier, an eBay power seller who had great ratings and great feedback. Then, eventually, I found my own sources world wide. These were mainly licensed established antique sellers, overseas pawn shops, clients wanting to sell their bags. Reasons might be ranging from divorce, wanting to pass the pleasure on or simply because they needed the cash.

Digger: Can you tell us a bit about the services you provide?

Annieth: We provide several services. Firstly customers are able to buy. In addition:

  • We display in-stock items as well items that are available from our suppliers

  • We do consignment where we sell on items for people for an agreed commission

  • We purchase unwanted items

  • We also source items for customers looking for a particular item

  • We also authenticate items. i.e. telling if an item is real or fake

  • We also do pricing or valuing and provide quotes on the value of items

Digger: Why is the vintage look so perennially popular?

Annieth: I have always loved vintage items from a very young age. I think this was due to wearing lots of hand me downs or secondhand clothes when I was young, given to my Mom. So growing up, my fashion sense was always different and a bit dated and without really wanting to I stood out. At a young age I had to adjust to always looking different from the 'in crowd'. And I still do to this very day. I have my own unique style and today I am admired for it! I think the right mix of old and new fashion offers a sense of uniqueness and class. Vintage attracts bargain hunters - there is the fact that there will be those fashion lovers who will not be able to afford the brand new fashion as it hits the catwalks!

Digger: What sort of feedback do you get about your products from customers?

Annieth: There is room for improvement with our service but once the items are recieved they are thrilled and give beautiful feedback which warms my heart. I have made someone happy! I think that's our company motto really - to bring joy and happiness.

Digger: Where is the product range developing in the future and what sorts of requests have you had for new products?

Annieth: I first started with Chanel which I stuck with for a while as I had to quickly learn how to be an expert to provide a confident service in what I was offering. I have now started introducing other lines like Hermes, Celine, Goyard by customer request. I introduce new lines slowly as I have to do a lot research to increase my knowledge of the product so that I can sell it confidently. My reputation is my priority and is extremely sacred.

Digger: What are the most enjoyable aspects of what you do?

Annieth: I enjoy the research and sourcing. The business has also brought me in contact with some wonderful people, including celebrities. I also love it when the customers get the items and they send me great pictures and stories.

Digger: What are your best sellers?

Annieth: My best sellers are currently the Chanel Classic Flap 2.5 and the Jumbo Chanel Bags.

Digger: What plans do you have for the future of

Annieth: My aspiration is to become the World's largest and best Online Luxury Vintage Store for supplying business to business and consumers. I am also looking into having an offline presence in the near future.


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