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Tippers Classic & Vintage Plates


Here, Digger talks to Ash Waller at Tippers Classic & Vintage Plates about the business which was established in 1932. Classic, Vintage and Veteran cars demand that finishing touch - the authentic number plate, and these days cars from the sixties and even the seventies are candidates for That Tippers Touch. 




Digger: Can you tell us a bit of the background to Tippers Vintage Plates? 

Ash Waller: Tippers has been established since 1932 when Gilbert Tipper Sr. started making plates. Gilbert Jr. worked from a young age within the business and eventually took over the operation. He wisely bought up stock from other manufacturers as they closed down, knowing that the demand for classic plates would re-emerge after the launch of modern reflective plates put many businesses out of work. Gilbert Jr. has now decided that after 60 years he should take it a bit easier and in April 2010 he sold the company to my family, and with his advice and expertise we continue making license plates for what are now Classic & Vintage vehicles. 


Examples of various styles of plates over the years



Digger: How authentic are these plates? 

Ash Waller: Our plates are made using the same method and equipment that Tippers have used for many years, so we do not make modern versions or replicas of vintage plates. We make them as they were made in period, using fly presses, dies and high temperature enamelling. Our stock of digits are all original, and very rare, and you can't get more authentic than that. 

Digger: What sort of feedback do you get from clients? 

Ash Waller: Our clients are looking to return their vehicles to the "as new" look. Authenticity and quality are what they desire, and what we deliver. We enjoy a relationship with our clients, and are always willing to go the extra mile. 

Digger: If someone was interested in Vintage plates for their car, what paperwork/info do you need from them (apart from the registration, I suppose) and typically how much would it cost? 

Ash Waller: The DVLA requires us to keep records for all plates we make, typically this would be the V5 registration document, photo card driving license and a household utility bill. 
Plates range from 19.75 to 150.00 depending on size and type.   

Digger: What do you most enjoy about what you are doing? 

Ash Waller: I enjoy dealing with enthusiasts. Our clients are always excited about the finishing touches to their pride and joy. 

Digger: Why is Vintage and Retro so enduringly popular? 

Ash Waller: I believe that people are drawn to quality and British manufacturing. Things that have been lost for a while due to "price" rather than quality being the most important factor. 

Digger: How was Goodwood? 

Ash Waller: I absolutely love the atmosphere at Goodwood Revival. It is such a unique experience, a true step back in time to the glory days of Motor Racing. Nowhere else can I go and mix with famous racing drivers, help push cars worth over a million pounds, and watch such exhilarating racing in the company of true enthusiasts.        

Digger: What does The Internet mean to your business? 

Ash Waller: The Internet allows us global marketing, resulting in our export of plates to Japan, USA, Australia, all across Europe. 

Digger: What are the future plans for Tippers Vintage Plates?

Ash Waller: We hope to continue the growth of our business through our existing product lines, and also to identify any retro trends that we can meet, such as our recent entry into 1970's style plates. There are a lot of Classic & Vintage cars out there that should have "Tippers" plates on them!





Manufacturers of all Pre-1972 types of number plates. For Motor Cars and Motor Cycles.

Tippers Classic & Vintage Plates
Unit 2
Bucklers Lane
St Austell
PL25 3JN

Telephone: 01726 879799
Fax: 01726 871413


  Tippers Classic & Vintage Plates





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