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Digger talks to Kevin Eames at Chester Ghost Tours. Chester is one of the cities that claims the 'most haunted' title and here Kevin explains why Chester is the perfect place to visit and why a tour with Chester Ghost Tours is a must as part of your stay.


 Chester Ghost Tours

Chester Ghost Tours


Digger: What is it about Chester that makes it such a ghostly haven? 

Kevin: Chester is one of the cities that vies for the title of the Most Haunted City in England.  It's history as one of the largest Roman fortresses in Britain, close to a Viking centre, close to the Celtic borders of Wales and a large Royalist stronghold in the Civil War leaves a rich tradition of largely oral cultures and stories. Add to this that it has long been a major centre of trade and a city populated by a rich aristocratic class.  It is only small as well which concentrates all this tradition in a tiny area.

Digger: When I have visited Chester, I was always impressed by the fact you could keep dry when it was raining because of the way their old shops were built. Great design! What for you are the main ingredients that make Chester a great place to visit? 

Kevin: The 'Rows' you describe as well as the complete circuit of Roman walls are Chester's glory. Add to this an increasing awareness of it's Roman tradition, perhaps the finest zoo in Britain, good restaurants and bars, one of the oldest cathedrals in Britain, a wonderful riverside, it's close proximity to the wilds of North Wales, the cities of Liverpool and Manchester all make Chester a great place to visit and to use as a centre for touring the area.

Digger: How scared should people be prepared to be on your tours? 

Kevin: Very!! There are 2 main ghost tours in Chester.  The 'official' one (run by tourist info) which just tells the stories without any real scares ... or ours, which provides a bit of theatricality, fun and some surprises to test the most 'cool' of customers!!

Digger: What feedback do you get from clients and what have been the best reactions?   

Kevin: Our feedback has been positive and our Facebook page has an increasing number of fans. We ran 'taster' runs for hoteliers and landlords at the start of the season and all have been keen to promote us since.  Our best reaction is that we were asked to move the location  of one of our stories down one road by the police because the screams of some of the customers were disturbing residents!!  The police were very nice about it and love having us in the city.......

Digger: What do you enjoy most about what you do? 

Kevin: It's a bit the case of bringing the stories to life and the joy it gives to the customers.  From a wary bunch at the start, they soon get into it and by the end are full of life and enthusiasm.  That's very rewarding to any performer!!  On our tour we are all trained actors and so we love audience reaction.

Digger: How cooperative are the spirits on your tours? 

Kevin: The streets of Chester are busy in the evenings and the main ones are difficult to work. We do have several very atmospheric stops, though, and there is certainly a spooky feeling to them. On our tour we also like to give the spirits a bit of help -  I'm not telling ... but that's were most scares come from. 

Digger: How would you explain the phenomena that we usually refer to as ghosts? 

Kevin: I must admit, I don't know.  Our stories are all genuine from the traditions of the city.  Many respected people claim to have seen the apparitions and there can be no doubting the 'work' of Sarah ...  the most famous of the City's ghosts, who wrecked a shop in the city centre.  I firmly believe in the world of spirits... but have never had personal experience of any interaction.  I suppose they may be down to unfinished business............

Digger: What plans have you for the future of Chester Ghost Tours? 

Kevin: We've been going now for 18 months and are developing a good reputation. We were planning to stop after Halloween (our big night!!!) but the demand is there for us to continue through the winter.  We are growing our 'corporate' market with more private tours booked (office parties, Christmas do's etc).  The more we get, we can expand to tour to two different ones (there are enough stories!!) and provide a more comprehensive coverage. We are also looking at reviving some other local traditions and making use of some of the rich historical sites in the city to re-enact such events.  This is all at the planning stage, though .. so watch this space.





 Chester Ghost Tours

Chester Ghost Tours






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