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Digger asks Justin Allman at Picture-Picture some questions. Picture-Picture has evolved into a trade and retail outlet offering a unique blend of 'wall space artwork' covering every imaginable subject from Sci-Fi to Sport! These include Photographs, Triplepix, Collectors Cards, Pencil drawings and Prints and Gold Discs




Digger: Please tell us about your background and the background to Picture Picture.

Justin: In brief, Picture Picture was predominantly a retailer of memorabilia and art, however, we felt there was a need to improve on the quality of the stock purchased from many firms who have now ceased trading. We decided we could produce much better quality and more interesting items. Initially, we only manufactured enough for our own need which was to support two shop outlets and a number of mobile displays. These mobile displays toured the UK’s shopping centres and started to receive requests from local shop keepers to supply them with our goods. So a decision was taken to develop a trade side to the business as well.

Digger: What are some of the most popular products in your range?

Justin: Currently the most popular items in our range would be the Create-a-pix frames. These products have proved to be very successful over recent years because they are tailored to almost any person, celebration or activity. They provide an ideal solution to a personalised/unique gift.
Film cells and Triplepix are also very popular all year round but especially at Christmas. They provide excellent gifts for men in particular who are notoriously difficult to buy for. Our range covers many subjects including film, sport and transport, so you are bound to find a subject close to dads heart – beats socks any day!

Retro Collection



Digger: So, what sort of feedback do you get about your products from customers?

Justin: Our feedback from customers is very good. Because all our products are made in-house here in the UK, we are able to ensure  quality is maintained and delivery is quick.

Digger: Where is the product range developing in the future and what sorts of requests have you had for new products and lines?

Justin: The film cell and Triplepix ranges are continually expanded all the time. The  Create-a-pix range is being developed in many ways such as miniaturising them to form a ‘pocket money’  range. Also, a wedding theme has been developed and is proving popular. Other ideas are in the pipeline.

Gold Discs



Digger: What are the most enjoyable aspects of what you do?

Justin: All items are made here in the UK by a dedicated group of individuals who work well as a team. Work is fun, even in these difficult times.

Digger: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies satisfying our demand for retro and nostalgia. Why is retro and nostalgia so enduringly popular?
Justin: Personally, I believe retro and nostalgia are popular because it’s a way of remembering and in some way staying in contact with your past as the past always seems better than the present! Also, most people have a passion for something and purchasing a piece of it, whatever it may be. It is simply a pleasure. All human beings like acquiring new things, whether it’s a new handbag or a picture and the more unique it is the more important it is to that individual.

Art Prints



Digger: What is your retro passion? 

Justin: WW2 I’m afraid!

Digger: What are your plans for Picture Picture? 

Justin: This is a difficult one at the moment Dave, as due to the recession, survival is the main plan for now. All the products and companies on your site are selling luxury items which are not essential to the consumer right now. We do have some new product ideas and variations on existing themes but the real plan that we are actively pursuing is Internet sales and exposure!


Photographs. Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Laurel & Hardy, Marilyn Monroe, Fools & Horses, Pop & Rock, Films, Television, Sports, Others, Celebrities A-Z
Art Prints. Actors, Pop & Rock, Sports,  Film/Television, Others
Triplepix. Actors, Pop & Rock, Sports, Film/Television, Young at Heart, Others
Collectors Cards. Entertainment, Sports - Soccer, Sports - Other, Naval/Military, Transport - Cars, Transport - Bikes,  Transport - Other
Retro Collection. Actors, Pop & Rock, Sports, Film/Television
Legends. Actors, Pop & Rock, Sports, Film/Television
Gold Discs. The Beatles, Other Artists

picture-picture, Framed Memorabilia and Create-a-Pix are a subsidiaries of picture-picture, the company, which has evolved into a trade and retail outlet offering a unique blend of 'wall space artwork' covering every imaginable subject from Sci-Fi to Sport! In the early days our product range comprised mainly of mounted and framed cigarette cards. However, due to the ever-increasing requests for alternative pictures on similar themes to the cigarette cards, our range has expanded to include film cells, trading cards, charcoal prints, pencil sketches, limited edition prints from selected artists, portrait drawings, a picture framing service, and much more. And our range always continues to expand.

Brockhill Lane
B97 6RA

By Telephone 01527 62770
9.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday

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