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Here, Michael at UK DVDs Online tells us about his love of British TV and Film which he has turned into an online business. With classics such as The Ealing Comedies, Hammer Horror, the Carry On movies and British Cult TV titles, UK DVDs Online has about 6,000 titles to choose from. Michael can also source those rare and hard-to-find British titles.


The business idea probably started when DVDs first became available on the internet. I started collecting British films and television programmes but I found it difficult to find out what was available, as most sites mixed British with American titles which made it a bit overwhelming. When you consider that even today British titles only represent a small proportion of the currently available 60,000 + titles.
So I started to create my own database of titles I wanted – a wish list if you like. As my collection started to grow and storage became limited I decided to sell some of them on Ebay. I enjoyed it so much I became addicted to selling online and ended up selling off all my DVD collection.
With no titles left to sell I then started looking for DVD suppliers. No easy task, but persistence provided me with my first source. Through this one supplier we now have a whole network of contacts from DVD labels to wholesalers, distributors to little known specialist sites.
This gave me a firm grounding of where to find all the rare titles. I found customers started to email us with their wish list and this gave me a reason to research and investigate the title. I’m fairly confident now that if I can’t find it then it is because it has yet to be released on DVD.

We now encourage customers to contact us with their wish list, particularly as we now receive regular information of titles on provisional release long before the major retail sites are aware of them. We currently have a list of 300 – 400 film & tv programme titles that we know will be released over the next couple of years. 
Over the years we have accumulated a customer base from all over the world seeking out these long lost titles. Customers from Australia to North America & New Caledonia to Ethiopia are our typical customer base. American customers purchase films & TV drama titles that are not otherwise available in their country. Scandinavian customers love the old b&w war films. The Japanese seem to like Benny Hill and the ex-pats love the old comedy films and 70s sitcoms.  
We relaunched our website in March 2010 with a new management company. They have assisted us in driving a far larger volume of traffic than previously and as such our sales have started to grow.

With the increase of customers came an increase in interest of our newsletter. We will be producing a new weekly version shortly as it will contain the weeks’ new releases along with a few titles on price promotion. This regular notification will save the subscriber time in finding out what’s new on DVD concerning British TV and film.
Relaunching the new website allowed me to reassess the site. With the database now holding 5500 – 6000 titles I decided to subcategorise them in order to make it easier and more interesting for the browser. All films are categorised not just by genre but also by decade. The same for TV programmes. There’s a category for Hammer and Ealing studios. Doctor Who can be browsed by the Doctor Who actor. The same as for James Bond.
There is much more depth of info on the product pages as we now include a lot more actor details that are not found on the DVD artwork, plus we include all episode titles where relevant.
Our next phase for the website is to provide additional search facilities such as by actor or director & more content info on the product pages. A new facility is coming where a customer can subscribe to be notified when a new title has a pre release date. Also, with a page containing their wish list of titles both currently available or not.
As for the future, there are still a huge amount of British TV programmes and films that have yet to be released on DVD. Then there is Blu-ray which we have just started to stock along with film & TV soundtracks on CD. 


We are a UK based internet company specialising in British television programmes & films on DVD. From period drama to cult classics, nostalgia to contemporary and newly released to hard to find titles.
All our DVDs are genuine region 2, new and original discs
We offer worldwide delivery with subsidised shipping & Free UK shipping
We have many rare and hard to find British films & tv programmes on DVD.
For all enquiries please contact us at

UKdvdsonline, Mullions, Dark Lane, Wroxton, Oxfordshire,OX15 6QQ, United Kingdom





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