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Digger of Retro Sellers talked to Paul Blackbourn of Ace Music Stands who produce music stands for many and varied clients, including the BBC big band. They are lightweight, long-lasting, economical and will make your band stand out from the crowd.



Digger: How did you get started with Ace Music Stands? 

Paul: I used to run and play in a band.  One of the guys was a professional musician and ran a Big Band (The Cat Pack). He wanted some lightweight music stands, but he couldnít find anybody in this country to supply him. He came to me and said ďyouíre a bit technical, can you sort these out for me?Ē I looked into it and came up with what he wanted.

Digger: Were they available elsewhere? 

Paul: Iíve heard mention of them in the US but they would have proved twice the price with the import tax & shipping etc. 

Digger: I thought you were going to say China. 

Paul: No, I donít know anybody in China whoís making them. I think customers like the opportunity to discuss their requirements with us, and we can make sure they are happy with their order.

Digger: So youíve cornered the market? 

Paul: Iím not sure about that but we have helped lots and lots of bands in the UK, Scotland, Ireland and the EU.

Digger: I suppose itís new technology thatís made all this possible? 

Paul: With the graphics it has, for sure. And with the lightweight material we use. The old way was heavy wooden stands, with painted artwork that often chipped and scratched off.

Digger: Itís amazing that you can have a 20/25 or even 40 piece band and one person can carry all the stands. 

Paul: Absolutely, I can carry twenty and probably a few more but two people can manage forty easily. One person would have a great deal of trouble trying to carry three or four wooden ones. 

Digger: Can these stands be used for any other purposes or promotions? 

Paul: Yes, we do have a few ideas in the pipeline and will be getting them on our website soon.

Digger: What do you enjoy most about what youíre doing? 

Paul: Itís helping people out. Giving them a good look for their band.  Everyone just loves to have a job go really easy whatever it is. We're helping customers get from the old-fashioned wooden way into a more modern, simpler smarter, easier and quicker way. 

Digger: What sort of feedback are you getting from clients? 

Paul: They love it.

Digger: I suppose because the product has got a long life you donít hear from them much after that? 

Paul: Weíve had a few customers that have come back for a 2nd or 3rd set for other bands they have. Repeat business is always good. To date weíve never had any items returned. 

Digger: What does the Internet mean to your business? 

Paul: I suppose it means a lot to us. Although we have done paper advertising as well. Nearly all our business is through word of mouth and the Internet. 

Digger: According to the outgoing boss of Marks and Spencer 50% of business will soon be generated by the Web. Who are your best customers? 

Paul: Predominantly medium to large bands, because they rotate musicians that have to read the charts. Small bands seem to learn their music off by heart. But we have supplied to single member artists up to bands with 30 members.


Digger: Is it steady business or peaks and troughs? 

Paul: It is steady to busy just as you would find. 

Digger: Where do you see Ace Music Stands going in the future? 

Paul: We hope to get stronger. On the website, I want to push the bespoke side a little more. And I will be looking at branching out into other products that I have been working on.

Digger: Itís a great way of advertising, like the bass drum skin advertises the name of the band. 

Paul: Thatís what itís all about. We have got our name on the front of one band that we are sponsoring. Weíve done some high-flying clients, not that one client is more important than any other. We have supplied the BBC big band and we were asked to quote for the Nelson Riddle trust. But all our customers are equally important to us.

Digger: You never know, it might generate some work down the line. 

Paul: You never know.  The fact that weíre getting regular enquiries in this climate means weíre not too unhappy. I had to turn a client away today because weíre going on holiday and I didnít want to let them down as they needed delivery guaranteed a day or so after we get back. I hate turning business away, but Iíd rather that than let the customer down. And with our product, itís like cars Ė not everybody likes the same make of car, and you just accept that weíre not for everyone but Iíve never had anyone come back to us complaining, only people ordering more.

Digger: Are the graphics  a full-colour process? 

Paul: You can have from one to as many colours as you like.

Digger: Is it a lamination process? 

Paul: No, itís a single colour or up to two or three colours.  You can lay the different vinyls one on top of the other. If you want something thatís got colour blending, itís called a print and then we do put a clear coat over it just to protect it. We always try and get over to customers what we will do, so they are happy with their order before they place it. Customers spending hard earned money want to know they are getting a good job that looks good, lasts and is a good price. 

Digger: Paul, thanks for explaining about your business and all the best for the future.

Paul: Thanks David.

 Ace Music Stands will:  Give a lasting impression  Enhance the look of your show   Leave your audience in no doubt as to who you are


Our stands are produced from a waterproof parallel webbed twin wall plastic material which, with proper use, will give you years of service.
The tallest of the 3 stands weighs less than 1kg. Thus one person can carry all the stands in one go, from storage, or your transport to the stage, for the largest of todayís bands.
There are 6 great colours available that can be mixed and matched as desired giving 36 different colour combinations of tops and fronts.

Great for: 

School bands / Brass bands / Corporate bands / Function bands / College bands / Jazz bands / Recital bands and Orchestras / Big bands / One man bands / House bands

Tel: 0114 2697812

Ace Music Stands
24 Flockton Road
Sheffield S13 9QU







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