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Irvin Amusements, a family run business for the last one hundred and twenty years, are experienced specialists in fun fair hire. Both social and corporate events are available; this innovative company are firm believers that no event is too big, small or individual and will endeavour to tailor the occasion to your requirements, whether you want one Victorian Stall or Musical Carousel, Irvin Amusements have the rides for you.

With one hundred and twenty years of success under its belt, Irvin Amusements have had the privilege to host many large and notable events, with the fun fair available not only for events such as weddings, but also providing the perfect setting for TV and film work.

Don’t let the maturity of the business put you off: Irvin Amusements has had the eye-opening opportunity to reflect upon the past century of amusement history, allowing the revolutionary company to provide you with the best possible service; widest range of rides; and most enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Irvin Amusements are covered with Public & Employers’ Liability insurance and all its rides are declared safe by engineers at the Department of the Environment: you do not need to worry about safety – Irvin Amusements take care of that for you!

At Irvin Amusements, we have strong values and will not compromise on customer service and satisfaction: whether you want a simple Dodgems ride for an afternoon off, or a no-expenses-spared fun fair, Irvin Amusements will aim to fulfil its motto:

“To serve and strive for excellence through experience, dedication to safety
and fun”

Choose Irvin Amusements and you won’t be disappointed.

Yours sincerely

Ben Irvin
Chairman & Group Managing Director


Office: 01708 853 460 

Fax: 01708 853 416 




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