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The record breaking touring show presented by DUGGIE CHAPMAN MBE, Weíll Meet Again clocks up an amazing 9th year on the road in 2010.  Britainís best matinee show, this Wartime Cavalcade celebration show will be on tour again from March through to July on itís annual nationwide tour.


The cast of We'll Meet Again

The cast of We'll Meet Again


With a new programme, here is a show for everyone who wants to be cheered up in these sombre days, and that means most of us! The regular show team return with Comedy Star STEVE BARCLAY, recalling the wonderful  radio stars Tessie OíShea, and the king of comedy Max Miller.
This season we have pleasure of introducing lovely new singing star to our company, LUCIA MATISSE, featuring more wonderful forties favourites and is our new VERA LYNN.


Steve Barclay

Steve Barclay as Max Miller

Debonair TONY LEYTON returns with the unforgettable songs of Bing Crosby and Donald Peers by special request.
Ace musical entertainer ANDY EASTWOOD, now acknowledged as Britainís best exponent on the Ukulele, features both Formby favourites and classical pieces never before heard on a ukulele. Andy also presents his tribute to French Violinist Stephane Grappele with swing violin pieces.

Andy Eastwood

Andy Eastwood as George Formby


Entertainer MERVYN FRANCIS hosts the show  and will feature Al Jolson hits.
With the fabulous music of The Martyn St James Sound, here is an afternoon show with a recollection of the days when the spirit of Britain was at itís highest, and an era to be proud of.
Itís great fun and damp-eyed nostalgia that leaves you with a warm and sentimental glow.


Lucia Mattese

Lucia Matisse as Vera Lynn





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