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SellMyRetro.com - bringing enthusiasts and traders of retro computers, gaming machines and other electronics equipment together in one place
Website sellmyretro.com

Sell my retro is an auction website dedicated to older retro and vintage electronics and computers. SellMyRetro.com is a new trading place to bring enthusiasts and traders of retro computers, gaming machines and other electronics equipment together in one place.

We all know how difficult it can be when searching in Google to find which are live sites and which sites can actually sell you equipment or undertake repairs, let alone finding that elusive bit of rare hardware or software. It can also be very useful for anyone looking for props or old equipment for use in a museum or history display, or even within television programmes and films.

SellMyRetro.com helps bring buyers and traders together, by incorporating a dedicated auction website and a wiki to hold background information on the retro computer scene.

Anyone can list items in the dedicated categories, and traders can decide to open a webstore. Webstores form a place for traders to advertise their services and to form a web-presence, as well as developing their brand.

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John Wood Audio - Custom Built and Audio Excellence
Website John Wood Audio
Details John Wood first picked up an electronic component and a soldering iron when he was five. Tutored by an engineer who had originally worked on the wartime development of radar, and with a natural flair and passion for equipment, John soon became an expert in electronics and electricals.

Today, you can ask John to create a bespoke and top-of-the-range Hi-Fi system for you or to repair your existing analogue or digital system. John counts numerous top-end Audio retailers and aficionados amongst his customers.

John Wood Audio
Design Engineer
22 Woodsford Grove
NG11 8FG

Email: john@jwoodaudio.com

Telephone: 44 (0)115 846 3162

Mobile: 07773 143146

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Streetly Electronics - for all things Mellotronic
Website Streetly Electronics
Details Welcome to Streetly Electronics, the foremost experts in Mellotron restorations, and the home of the all new M4000.
For the past 20 years John Bradley and Martin Smith have been restoring Mellotrons for artists, producers and collectors, compiling an impressive client list. Now they are building a brand new model, the M4000.

Since the first MKI Mellotron was born in December of 1963, there have always been Bradleys involved, and the lineage continues. John built many a Mellotron for his father Les at the original factory in Streetly, Birmingham, England, and his accumulated wealth of knowledge makes Streetly the foremost international resource for preserving these enigmatic instruments.

If you are looking for a brand new machine which maintains the electromechanical heritage but with 21st century reliability, look no further than the M4000.

Email tronbros@aol.com or telephone Martin on +44 (0)1889 504211 for all things Mellotronic.
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