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The Battersea Pen Home - Vintage and Modern Fountain Pen Specialists
Website The Battersea Pen Home
Details The Battersea Pen Home is run by Simon Gray and Sean Lovell - its two founding partners.  We specialize exclusively in buying, selling and repairing pens and pencils, both modern and vintage. After being based in Battersea for ten years (hence our name!), we moved to Epping in 2000.
We refurbish and repair most makes of fountain pen for customers and are recommended by Sheaffer UK. We are fully authorized by Parker and Waterman to service their writing instruments. We usually have more than 500 vintage pens in stock at any one time and can also try to locate specific pens for customers. We are interested in buying vintage pens, both individual pieces and entire collections.
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Battersea Pen Home, 
PO Box 6128,
Epping CM16 4GG

Tel: 01992-578 885   
Fax: 01992-578 485


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Vintage Fountain Pens Inc. - ready to use today
Website Vintage Fountain Pens Inc. 
Details Vintage Fountain Pens Inc. (VFPI) was established under its former name, Vintage Fountain Pens, in 1976.

We provide vintage fountain pens restored and ready to use today and vintage desktop items. Vintage fountain pens are by their very nature second, third or even fourth hand, condition will vary and this is stated and reflected in the price.

A fountain pen gift box is available free of charge with each purchase upon request. Just tick the relevant box at checkout.

Fountain pens are part of our social history. Few items these days can be handed down from grandfather to mother to son or daughter and provide the same satisfaction and length of service. Those I meet at fairs remember the pen given to them on graduation or some other special occasion, or their mother's handwriting when making up a list for the grocer or writing a special message in a birthday card. Others, no longer enamoured of "biro" or "gel", arrive at my stall seeking a pen which reflects their personality, is aesthetically pleasing, a pleasure to use and reliable for everyday office and personal use.

Vintage Fountain Pens Inc.
PO Box 7242
Phone: 07932 037 630


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