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Bicycle Ambulance - based in Cambridge
Website Bicycle Ambulance
Details Vintage and retro cycles
Throughout the last century, the bicycle has come a long way. Design has been influenced as new materials have become available and as practicality changed.
We appreciate styles from various periods and believe that true handmade workmanship give these machines an expressive style and built to last quality.

Distinguished parts & accessories
We offer a range of vintage classics and are always eager to source and restore more. Also, we sell distinguished parts and accessories to match the style of your bicycle.

07838 162572
Remarks Visit the website for details - Welcome to the UKs Unicycle Source
Details At we are all unicyclists, so we understand! We can supply you with everything you will need as a unicyclist. Check out our shop. For people buying their first unicycle, we recommend you look in our learner section or at our guide - which unicycle to buy, to find the ideal unicycle for you.

We even have a Penny Farthing, great for Prisoner fans or for the adventurous and flamboyant type.


Telephone:0800 980 0711
(+44) 1642 361 203
Fax:01642 361 254
(+44) 1642 361 254

Address: Gemcrest Limited
The Grange Business Centre
Belasis Avenue
TS23 1LG

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Retro Bicycles - bicycle-inspired jewellery and memorabilia
Details We have created the largest selection of bicycle-inspired jewellery and memorabilia on the internet. We are sure you can find the perfect gift for any cycle enthusiast.


Retro Bicycles
P.O. Box 59
WR14 3YR

+44 (0)1684 560922

Remarks Visit the website for details - Dutch bicycles with the classic retro look.
Details Dutch bicycles with the classic retro look. Cool, safe and affordable cycling.

We are Oscar and Heidi Biesheuvel, Dutch born and raised. Since some time now we live in the UK with our 4 kids and enjoying life here!  As Dutchies we were almost 'born on a bicycle', growing up cycling to most places. Both of us had to go on our bicycle to high school; a good 45-60 minutes back AND forth! And for me (Oscar) I can say that in all those years I haven't been sick for 1 day, literally! So, riding a bicycle is healthy I reckon!

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