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The Longbow Shop
Website The Longbow Shop
Details The Longbow Shop is a specialist UK online shop supplying a wide range of archery gear, equipment, tools and wooden arrows associated with traditional archery.

You can view our full range of traditional archery products at:

voice: +44 (0)151 324 1300
fax: +44 (0)870 123 1832


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Warwick Castle
Website Warwick Castle
Details Warwick Castle is the perfect place for a day out, situated in the heart of England in a wonderful setting. The Warwick Castle web site is packed full with 1000 years of excitement, historical facts and useful information, so start exploring...

Warwick castle is the home of the Bowman who displays magnificent skill with his bow and arrows and has some great tales to tell. Duelling and jousting are also regular events at the castle. It is even a venue for pop concerts.
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The Grand National Archery Society - the governing body for archery in the UK
Details The official web pages, of the governing body for the Olympic sport of archery in the UK. Within these pages you will be able to read about all aspects of the Society, the sport, its history and no matter if you are a member or not, there will be something of interest for all.
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The English Field Archery Association
Details The English Field Archery Association, affiliated to the I.F.A.A. the governing body dedicated to the sport of Field Archery. Archery - a family sport for all using the traditional English Longbow to the ultra high speed compound bows. From the captivating aroma of Port Orford Cedar Arrows to the blistering speeds of High Tech Carbon based arrows.
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Chiltern Archery
Website Chiltern Archery
Details A leading provider of archery equipment and a centre for the pursuit of the sport situated in the home counties.

For our retail Archery Centre:
Archery Centre
Chiltern Archery
Buckland Village
Aston Clinton
HP22 5HZ

Voice: +44 (0) 1296 630919
Fax: +44 (0) 1296 631046
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Llanerch Press - Publishers of Ancient Texts and Facsimile Reprints
Website Llanerch Press
Details Daoism and Chinese Interest . Archery . Celtic Interest . Daoism & Chinese Literature . Lives of Saints . Mediaeval History . Music . Mysticism & Alchemy . Northern Interest . Other Folklore

Llanerch are a country publishing company based in rural Somerset, England. We specialise in small print editions and facsimile reprints of old books and ancient texts, many of which have been painstakingly translated from the original language. Our wide range of books cover many historical periods and subjects and are available to order through the catalogue and the website.

If you need to reach us, please call on +44 (0)1278 781278. You can of course write to us at:
Llanerch Press & Publishers,
Little Court,
48 Rectory Road,
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