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Mick Avory




Mick Avory of The Kinks



The Kinks were an anachronism in that they totally defied
convention with their own style and their own musical
directions. They were hugely popular in Britain and
internationally in the sixties. A key strength was Ray Davies’
song-writing with classics such as You Really Got Me,
Days, Waterloo Sunset, Sunny Afternoon, Dedicated
Follower Of Fashion and Lola amongst others.

As their sixties popularity waned in the UK, they found
a new audience in the States where they had been
unfairly blacklisted for several years.

Pioneers of musical techniques which had The Beatles
and The Who asking them "How did you do that?", they
evolved into an album band whose live performances
were recognised as totally fun, full of energy and
involving their loyal audiences.

I managed to catch up with Kinks drummer Mick Avory and
this is the interview he kindly gave

The Kinks -  Mick Avory, Ray Davies, Peter Quaife and Dave Davies

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Digger: How did your recent trip to Holland go?

Mick: Yeah, it was good. Went there on the Saturday this
year. We checked into the hotel and had
a look around Amsterdam.

Digger: LOVELY!!!

Mick: A very fleeting, cold look. Both the Johns had
their wives with them. They were interested
in different things to us.

Digger: Best behaviour at all times.

Mick: Then we had something to eat and we got picked
up to go back to the hotel in Utrecht. It was near the
motorway so you couldn't walk.

Digger: Do you drive over there?

Mick: I didn't, no. If you're there for two
days you don't need to.

Digger: You obviously had roadies, but did you ever
have to do any driving on tour?

Mick: Not usually, but the odd time if you were in a bit of
a spot. Other than that it was just for pleasure, like when
we were in L.A. I'd rent a car, 'cos you need a
car in a place like that.

Digger: It's a bit different out there though, isn't it,
because they seem to go slower and it's better behaved?

Mick: Yes. The speed limits are much lower and they just
cruise along in the bigger cars. Not like here with the
little sporty type cars that whizz around like Barcelona or
somewhere like that where it's much faster.

Digger: What sort of car have you got at the moment?

Mick: A Range Rover but I'm using my daughter's
car at the moment which is a Fiesta.

Digger: I can't see you in a Fiesta - I see you
in something more sporty.

Mick: Yes, well I got fed up with all that.
I go for convenience now.

Digger: Been there, done that?

Mick: Yes, done it all. Not interested. It costs
too much money for what it's worth.

Digger: That's true. You don't get your
money's worth.

Mick: You can't use it to its full capacity. They make cars
that go at 200 miles per hour and you're only allowed to
do 70 some of the time. I don't do any motorway driving
and I'm lucky to get into 3rd gear with all the
speed cameras around.

Digger: I guess you're in London most of the
time when you're not on the road?

Mick: That's right. It's so restricted these days I'm
not bothered about what car I've got.

Digger: I treated myself to a sporty car 'cos I'd never had
one. And like you say, it's honestly a waste of money
because in this climate it spends most of its time in the
garage. And plus because it's sporty you try to keep to the
limits because you've got the police keeping a closer eye on
you. So you get salesmen overtaking you at 100..........
So Don Craine is a big friend of yours, is that true?

Mick: Yes. I did an album with him about three years ago
now. With Art Wood. That's how I met up with him again,
'cos I knew him in the sixties. Very occasionally I
used to bump into him then.

Digger: I managed to get Eric Stewart from The
Mindbenders and 10cc on this site last week. Did you
ever come into contact with him or other
Manchester groups?

Mick: Yes. I did an interview the other day for this
programme that the telly are gonna do for the British
Invasion in America - the old thing with yet another film
full of interviews. ( Laughs )

Digger: Do you get fed up with it?

Mick: Well, I don't know what different to say, really.
I've said all the same things.

Digger: You could do like The Beatles - they were
deliberately a bit naughty with the reporters unless
somebody came up with a really good question.
"How did you find America?" .............
"We turned left at Iceland" and so on.

Mick: Yes. They were good at injecting humour into it.

Digger: Question number one! Jim McCarty of The
Yardbirds started drumming in the Boy's Brigade and
you apparently started in the Sea Scouts. Do you find it
strange or amusing that the sixties musical revolution was
triggered, at least in part, by these pillars of
the establishment?!

Mick: Um. I've got some notes here somewhere ( Both
laugh ). Or I'll lose track. Yes, I started in the Sea Scouts
but it was an accident really as I started in the Scouts -
I used to go to their meeting on a Sunday night and I
was only 13 but the guy up the road went along with me.
And they formed a skiffle group and they allowed me in
there - it was great for me 'cos I could play snooker and
darts and all the sorts of games that weren't usually
available to a 13 year old. The guy that was on the drums -
it was just a drum on a chair in those days with a
scrubbing brush on a stick - he got disenchanted with that
and wanted to play mandolin of all things! ( Digger laughs )
A bit of a jump! So he got off the chair and they said to me
"Do you want to play drums, you look interested?" And I
said "Well, I've never played drums" and they said
"Well, we know that but see if you can keep time...." And that
was it. And once I'd got on the thing I thought "Yes, I like
this" and eventually I got better equipment and
it went on from there.

Digger: Great. History being made just on somebody's whim.

Mick: I was actually in a band before I could play which
was unusual. And a good way of keeping it going. Because
there were a lot of guys who would have kept it going
if they weren't made to keep going to lessons and
learning the theory and having to practise two hours
a day. And they'd think "How am I going to use
all this knowledge and technique?
- I've got no-one to play with"

Digger: But you must have practised a lot to get to that
standard even on the very early stuff?

Mick: Because I was flung into the deep end to begin with
I had a vehicle to do it on. That was the good thing about
skiffle because it wasn't terribly difficult to play so you
could get along on a minimum of technique and skill.

Digger: Hopefully get a few gigs and get the experience?

Mick: Yes, while you're doing it get a few gigs and get
some work and a bit of incentive.

Digger: It must have been in you though, because the
drum kit is almost like an extension of your body, isn't it?

The Kinks - Ray, Dave, Peter & Mick 

Mick: Yes, but I was crap when I started.

Digger: What year was that?

Mick: 1957.

Digger: The year I was born! Sorry, don't want to make
you feel.... ( laughs ) Still, you were ONLY thirteen!

Mick: They start now before they're born. As a foetus. 
( Digger laughs ) The woman says "You wait until my boy
is born, he ain't half gonna be good".

Digger: You talked about your daughter - is she musical?

Mick: No, she went to the Barbara Speak Stage School but
I wouldn't say she was terribly musical. She had an idea,
you know. She had piano lessons for a while - they changed
the teacher and she didn't like the new one so that got
discarded. But she had a go on the drums - she could play
a couple of rhythms and beat time. But she wasn't really
into it, she was into horses.

Digger: Did you ever do weightlifting or something like
that because I have looked at some of the Kinks photos
and all the other guys in the band - they all look a bit,
how can I put this politely? On the skinny side but you
look a bit more muscular. Was that as a result of
the drumming or? ......

Mick: I never did any bodybuilding or anything like that
but I always used to work hard. In my teens and probably
had a reasonable physique. Then as you get older you get
a bit more flabby - it looks like muscle but
it isn't really ( Laughs )

Digger: I went to see the Silver Sixties show at the
London Palladium last night - Wayne Fontana, Dave Dee,
Dave Berry and Herman. Wayne Fontana is a really funny
guy - did you ever meet him?

Mick: Yeah.

Digger: Was he a sort of cheeky chappie then?

Mick: Yes, he's a bit of a lad.

Digger: He opened the show and he was so funny. He got the
whole audience on his side within about thirty seconds,
putting himself down as an old rocker falling
apart at the seams.

Mick: I was talking to Mike Pender the other day, of
the Searchers. Was he on the show?

Digger: No.

Mick: There are two Searchers groups, but apparently Mike
Pender's Searchers are better than the other one.

The Kinks - Mick, Peter, Ray & Dave

Digger: Who were your favourites in the sixties
of your contemporaries?

Mick: I liked The Hollies then, they were the first band
that I enjoyed. 'Cos they were on the Dave Clark tour. It was
the first tour I did when I joined the band and they impressed
me very much. The vocals were very good -
Graham Nash and the boys.

Digger: It was almost like The Beach Boys.

Mick: Yeah, and their drummer was good. Bobby Elliot
is probably one of my favourite drummers.

Digger: What do you look for in a drummer?

Mick: The thing is - everyone's got different strengths
and weaknesses - with Bobby it was his phrasing. He really
learned jazz and big band stuff first and he obviously
learned quickly as he was very talented at it. He applied
it to The Hollies stuff and made it sound different from
other rock drummers by the phrasing - it doesn't suit
every group's style. But for The Hollies he really
put some character into their songs.

Digger: I'll have to play my Hollies album in the next day
or so. What do you think of Carl Wayne replacing
Allan Clarke in The Hollies?

Mick: Yeah, I hear he's very good. I only know
him from The Move.

Digger: Now they were a band who had a little bit of a
reputation like you guys weren't they, The Move? ......

Mick: Yes........ ( Both laugh )

Digger: No comment? "Did WE have a reputation?"
says Mick.

Mick: Only a good one! I was going to say, when
you were talking about Jim McCarty.....

Digger: Oh, he's a lovely fellah.

Mick: Yeah. I saw him the other day - he
was at this TV interview.

Digger: ( Laughs ) I've got this silly vision of some sort of
a waiting room with all you sixties stars sitting in there
waiting to be seen like being at the dentist ...........

Mick: Yeah, there was Mike Pender and Freddie Garrity
being interviewed. Unfortunately he's got
some sort of a heart problem.

Digger: Oh dear.

Mick: Like I was saying, with Jim McCarty the other day,
he started in the Boy's Brigade and he's got something
in common with Steve Gadd because he too started in
the Boy's Brigade. One of the world's leading drummers.
So I said "It can' be a bad way to start". And Jim
said "Yes. What happened to you?!"

Digger: ( Laughs ) Can you tell us about your brief
membership of The Rolling Stones?

Mick: Yeah, well I was never actually a MEMBER, but
I used to play with this guy whose father was a drummer
and his father was also a chimney sweep and he came round
to sweep our chimney. And he said to my mother "Oh, you've
got a drummer in the house" and she said "Yeah, my son plays"
and I got to know him and he used to get me gigs with his
son. He was about 60 odd at the time. Mick Jagger got
in touch with him, 'cos he used to advertise in one of the
music papers and he was looking for a drummer. And he
said "Well Mick, they're more YOUR age group, they want
a drummer to do this gig with Alexis Korner at The Marquee
in Wardour Street" And I said "Alright, I'll go up and have a
look" 'cos I had a day job then. I went up and rehearsed with
them and they asked me to come back to do the gig and run
through the stuff. They were doing all Chuck Berry stuff
and I'd not heard of Chuck Berry at that stage.....

Digger: Really?!

Mick: ... And I was talking to the pianist, who was Ian
Stewart at the time, & he said "We really want someone
permanent in the band". And I said "Well, I just do freelance
work & I've got a day job and don't really want to join a band"
and so it got left at that and I never actually did that gig
in the end. Then about two years later I picked up a Jazz
News and there was an article in it about Mick Jagger's
new band and I had my name listed with him and I thought
"That's weird" and I looked at the date on the Jazz News
and it was a year old. And by then they were making hits and
I thought "Well, that was rather silly" ( Digger laughs )
and then I thought "Well, it probably wouldn't have worked
out anyhow". 'Cos I was REALLY into jazz at the time
and used to work at the Osterley hotel over at the Great
West road and I had lessons from a jazz drummer and
everything was jazz- didn't know what rock and roll was
then. I used to listen to all the jazz drummers - Art Blaikey
and Max Roach and Joe Morello and Shelly Mann.....

Digger: Did you ever get to meet any of them?

Mick: Yeah, I met Shelly Mann and Joe Morello. I've seen
the others a few times, although Art Blaikey's dead now.
And when I was in America in 1965 I met Joe Morello.
I went with Larry Page to see Dave Brubeck. He said
"Come on, we'll go and meet them" and Joe said "What are
you doing here?" and I said "Well, we're doing a show here
in The Bowl tomorrow night" and he said "That's too bad,
I'll be out of town and I'd have liked to have seen you".
And I said "Well, don't bother, you won't learn anything!"
( Digger laughs ) So that was my meeting with him. And I
met Shelly Mann, I went down The Mannhole - a club in
Los Angeles, with a note from the record company 'cos he
had the same record company as us. The note told him not
to charge me and to give me a good seat. I went in there
and watched him and it was really great at the time.

Digger: You seem to have a good memory for detail.
Do you remember a lot about what happened
or is some of it a blur?.....

Mick: Things that happened longer ago you
seem to remember.

Digger: That's strange, isn't it?

Mick: Yeah. The short term one goes first.

Digger: It seems so difficult for one that was so young
to take on such a HUGE amount of attention and fame.
How did you cope with that?

Mick: Yeah, it was a bit of a change for me because I went
from delivering Pink Paraffin one day to the next day
I was on television. The Long Tall Sally record was out and
I went on and mimed to that. They dressed me up in a
'Kinky' suit and my hair cut was very unsuitable
as it was very short.

Digger: Oh, I remember that! Reading about that in the
biography. What did you think of that by the way?

Mick: Yeah, John Savage did quite a lot of research -
all the main ingredients were in there.

Digger: How did you first get recruited into The Kinks and
what were your first impressions of the others?

Mick: Well, I was just 19 coming up to 20.

Digger: An old man!

Mick: Past it by then. The thing is I took to it because all
the bands around my area they all folded up. Nobody
took it that seriously, went through the skiffle stage and
did a few things at the youth clubs and local halls etc.

Digger: It was just their way of getting girls, wasn't it?

Mick: Yes. But no-one really took it that seriously and I
was the same really. Until I got to about 19 & I saw the
groups on TV - The Beatles, The Searchers, The Fourmost
and I thought that I quite liked some of the songs even
though the jazz thing was still in the brain. And I thought
I wouldn't mind having a go as I'd done a little bit of
rock and roll and I quite liked the rhythm and blues, which
to my mind was a mixture of jazz and rock anyway - a
cross-over which I thought I was suited to. So I actually
joined the band as a rhythm and blues drummer - that's
what I advertised myself as. And Robert Wace, one of
The Kinks' managers - I say one because they had THREE,
phoned me up and said "Would you come to an audition?"
And to my absolute surprise they accepted me and my life
changed completely then. Then I did television and chucked
in my job and I went to the Camden Head in Islington for
the audition and we got together and just played a few
songs and that was it. I went back the following evening and
met some of the other people - the agent and Larry Page
and the other manager Grenville Collins.

Digger: What did you think of Ray and Dave and
Peter when you met them?

Mick: I thought they were sort of arty poofs!!!

The Kinks - Peter, Mick, Ray & Dave

Digger: ( Both laugh ) But obviously your impressions
changed over time.

Mick: Er...... yes.

Digger: But was that because of the way they behaved or
because they dressed up in a funny way?

Mick: They dressed a bit non-conformist. And of course
the hair was long and Dave had the flick ups and looked
a bit effeminate. Pete Quaife used to mince around and camp
it up. I wasn't used to that and I thought they were a
bit on the A/C-D/C side. 

Digger: But nothing compared to what they were doing in
the eighties with Duran Duran an so on

Mick: And the seventies glamour stuff. No, it was just
the way they were really. Dressed like that - I mean, the
guys I was used to were on building sites and
weren't anything like that.

Digger: So what would you say your musical influences
were? You've covered a few already.

Mick: I got influenced by other bands that
were our contemporaries.

Digger: You mentioned The Fourmost.
What was special about them?

Mick: I didn't follow them as such but they were a band
I admired from watching them on the television. I remember
liking Needles And Pins too. So when I was put in a similar
situation we had to be different but there were still
similarities between the bands and you'd get ideas off of
different drummers. Little licks etc. that you wouldn't think
of yourself, or your interpretation of it. You learn a lot
by looking at other people. No matter what you learn
from lessons you can't really beat going out and doing
it and applying what you do at home.

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All of our jukeboxes are totally stripped and cleaned to make sure you get a jukebox that is as near mint as we can get it. We have spent many days working on techniques to make sure we achieve our aim of giving you a jukebox to be proud of. These jukeboxes carry a 6 month return to base warranty.

The range of neons that we have are made almost exclusively for us at "The Jukebox Selection Co" with only the "Back To The 50s" and the "Rock and Roll" neon being standard items. At the moment they cover two types of music, rock and roll and soul, but this will be extended to cover all forms of music. We can create neons to your own design and style, just let us know what you would like and our designer and manufacturer will create a sample for you to look at before production goes ahead. There are also hundreds of standard designs available that cover motor sport, bar names, open and closed, alcohol, leisure and many more, just let us know what genre you need and we will send you pictures of all neons available.

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Kookskleek - Keeping the faith for authentic, stylish and original MOD clothing
Website Kookskleek 

Also Mod and Sixties-related greetings cards

Although we trade in originals and reissues...this is not nostalgia...THIS IS CURRENT...and we STRIVE to provide the best service possible whilst keeping the faith under difficult circumstances!!! Don't forget to have a look at Thanks! Darren and Roger

Tel: 07983 700638

Remarks See the website for details - The Original Collarless Grandad shirts
Details The Original Half buttoning L/sleeve Grandad Shirt, Button Through L/sleeve Grandad shirt, The Original Half/Button Grandad in Stonewash Denim, Long Sleeve Stonewash Denim Kurta with sharktooth fastening, Crew neck Style Long sleeved Grandad, Short sleeved Half Button Grandad shirt, Short Sleeve Kurta with Sharktooth fastening, Short Sleeved Moroccan Kurta, Madras Cotton Striped Grandad Shirt

The Original Collarless Grandad shirts evolved from the traditional Indian Kurta shirt. Popularized during the 1960s by the Beatles and numerous other Pop groups who found the guitar strap sat much better with no collar on the shirt. Today we have thousands of customers including numerous guitarists and groups buying our shirts, the collarless grandad shirt has now become a timeless classic. Worn by both men and women of all ages, this casual shirt can be worn with a jacket to give smarter individual look. Who needs a tie? The Original Grandad shirt is destined never to be out of fashion.

Kaboo Trading, is a family business. We have been marketing collarless shirts by mail-order, and now the internet for more than 25 years, and many of our satisfied customers have been with us almost as long. Once you buy your first Grandad shirt from us we are confident you never need to look anywhere else.

As well as providing a first class product we also pride ourselves in providing customers with a top class service. We know that once you have ordered and paid for your shirt you want to receive it ASAP. Orders are processed and posted on the same day up to 3pm. And all UK orders are always dispatched by 1st Class Post .

All of our shirts are made from 100% crimp cotton, which provides warmth and yet is cool in the hotter climates. We have over the years sourced the very best in material and production standards. You can also be assured that all those involved in the manufacture of our shirts are paid fairly and that working conditions are good.

The proven quality and durability of our shirts is now well known by customers worldwide. You may notice that we use the Collarless Shirt Company label and the Kaboo Trading label in our shirts.

We began selling the Original half button traditional Collarless Grandad shirt way back in the early 80s, it is still our best seller today, and the backbone of our business. As you can see from our website we have added to the range since then. We are confident that you will be delighted with our shirts. We also welcome any feedback from you, as we are always looking at ways we might improve further our products and service.

Kaba Kaboo
51 Fore Street,

Tel. 01803 859911

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Dave's Jukeboxes - a major jukebox supplier since 1968
Website Dave's Jukeboxes 
Details Daves Jukeboxes have been a major jukebox supplier since 1968. We also offer jukebox repair, jukebox servicing and a jukebox restoring service.

At our jukebox showroom situated in South West England, we stock a range of Wurlitzer, Rock Ola, Seeburg, Row Ami Jukeboxes. Our vast and ever changing jukebox collection are restored to their original showroom quality in our own Jukebox Shop. Our jukebox sales include classic jukeboxes and CD Jukeboxes for a much greater choice of music.

Dave's Jukeboxes can supply Jukebox spares for Wurlitzer, Rock Ola, Seeburg and Row Ami Jukeboxes - if you are unsure what you need just give us a ring.

We offer jukebox repairs for Wurlitzer, Rock Ola, Seeburg, Row Ami amongst others. We also stock a vast amount of fifties and sixties memorabilia and Pinball machines. Our Jukebox hire service is ideal for your Functions, parties, weddings ,etc. You can choose a classic jukebox or CD Jukeboxes have been introduced recently for extra choice and selection of music .

For any Jukebox services, repairs or sales why not visit us in our NEW SHOP if only for a chat and a cup of coffee.

Mr. D Franklin
Rock Around the Shop
22 St Marys Street
TA6 3LY Tel:

Mobile: 07885145406

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Speciality Jukebox Hire - How would you like to be able to have all of your favourite music available at your party, special event or celebration. all at the press of a button!
Website Speciality Jukebox Hire
Details Ken Hudson, the owner of Speciality Jukebox Hire, is based in the ancient and historic city of York. Ken's musical knowledge is accumulated from a lifetime of collecting music, from 78rpm discs to vinyl, from CD and digital MP3, as well as his extensive twenty  years experience as a mobile DJ. His encyclopedic musical knowledge is extremely valuable in helping you plan your perfect event, making his vast collection of music available to hire for all kinds of parties, special events and celebrations. Get in touch for more details.

Hire the Wurlitzer Princess CD Jukebox from Speciality Music and you'll have music for all those special occasions - you and your guests will be able to select the music to suit the moment.

Start organising your event's music collection and jukebox hire by getting in touch.
  • How about 'Tracks of Your Years for that special birthday celebration?
  • Or for that special day, Wedding Reception memorable music of your choice.
  • To add to your enjoyment of that special occasion, how about
    including a musical quiz? Test the musical knowledge of your guests by
    listening to short extracts of the 'hits' over the years - "What Year?";
    "Who was the artist?"; "What was the title?". Played in groups or
    individually it's a fantastic way to make your occasion even more fun and
    memorable - sheer nostalgia!!

At Speciality Music jukebox hire, you can have your own personal requests put onto CD. You can also add some of your own favourite CDs to the jukebox selection if you wish. Also, given suitable notice, it is possible to transfer any of your favourite vinyl albums to CD to add to the enjoyment of your special event.
tel: 07758 002 972

Remarks Visit the website for details


Classic Drums Bournemouth - a great place for drums and drumming
Website Classic Drums Bournemouth
Details When it comes to music, there's nothing quite like whacking the drums, at least that's according to Mike Nicholls the owner of Classic Drums in Bournemouth.

Classic Drums, a great place to ask about drums and drumming, is situated just a few minutes walk from Pokesdown Railway Station.  As an experienced drummer, Mike, is well placed to make sure you buy the right drum kit. One that is suitable for your needs, be it gigging, studio, or for your school.

01202 431050
07870 363717


Shop Hours
10:00 - 17:00

839 Christchurch Rd

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In With The In Crowd - Stand out from the crowd in style!
Website In With The In Crowd
Details We specialise in Mod, Skin, Retro and 1960s-inspired clothing and  accessories.

Tel: 07541 294795
Remarks Visit the website for details


Mazeys - a fusion of Footwear, Music and Fashion
Website Mazeys
Details Mens Footwear, Ladies Footwear, desert boots, Mens Slippers, Ladies Slippers, Cowboy / Biker, mod/2tone, punk/rock, Dr Martens, steel toe caps, sports shoes, character bags, jackets, bags Gola/Dunlop, Ikon, POD AND KICKERS

We were started in 1969 by Colin Sedman who went round many towns in the east Yorkshire area with his mobile shoe stand and was joined by his son David in the mid 80s, Colin retired in 1997 and the company is now run by the team of David, Fred and Mazey (the boss) with the help of the young and up and coming James and Thomas who thought it would be an idea to blend the love of Music and Fashion to create what is now
Unit 15
The Green
Hutton Cranswick
nr Driffield
YO25  9PD

Tel: 01377271651 (9 till 5)

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MOD Ties and Silk Scarves from Peckham Rye London
Website Peckham Rye London
Details Scarves and Skinny Ties from the leading British designer brand Peckham Rye, a label that always gets it right for that exclusive London look.

Ties, Scarves, Handkerchiefs, Bow Ties, Tees

Peckham Rye London/Hunters Partnership Ltd.
11 Newburgh Street,
London W1F 7RW

Tel: 0207 734 5181

Store open:
Mon-Sat 11.00am - 6.00pm
Sunday 12.00pm - 5.00pm
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The Most - Come And Be One Of The Faces
Website The Most
Details "The Most" style is based on the fashions of the Mod era, starting with the look and the music of 1960's Carnaby Street, London.

We will take you on the journey of Mod, recreating the authentic look and the sound of a 1960's beat band, dressed in clothes and style of the era, playing hits from bands such as, The Kinks, Small Faces, The Who, Yardbirds, The Rolling Stones, The Birds, to name but a few, and with some Northern Soul classics thrown in, all are played with the energy and enthusiasm as close to the originals. Then, we go to the '79' Revival, with the look and music from The Jam, Undertones, and Secret Affair with the driving sound of Maximum Beat and Rhythm.

The Most have had the pleasure of playing for many venues and Scooter Clubs and Rallies across the UK, including The Overlanders SC Northern Ireland, Stanford Parkas SC, Sid James SC, Haverhill SC Mersea Island Scooter Rally, and such venues as Piccadilly Blues Club, Soho, Ace Cafe London, Small Faces Convention 2010,The Garage Highbury, The Rocket, London, Rock 'n' Soul Weekender, Basfest, Chinnerys Southend, Riga Music Bar, Thameside Theatre to name a few, and have played on Gateway Fm. Plus many clubs pubs and Festivals.

With the authentic sound of Jangling Rickenbackers, the beating of the drums, Boating Blazers, Ben Sherman's, Bowling Shoes and  tonic Suits, can only mean one thing, The Most taking you on a journey of Mod, from 1960's to the '79' Revival, with all members of 'The  Most' having a wealth of musical experience giving you the best performance every time they play.

"So Come And Be One Of The Faces"

Mob: 07939 577 998

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The Eton Rifles - Mod, Ska and Two-Tone Band
Website The Eton Rifles
Details Yorkshire's Number One and busiest Mod, Ska and Two-Tone Band, The Eton Rifles, features Lyndon, Alex, Andy and Laura.

Offering a set-list that includes The Jam, The Specials, Madness, Bad Manners, The Clash, Style Council and more.

Please see our gigs list for available dates.

Tel: 07840 867368 Lyndon
Tel: 07796 360778 Alex

Remarks Visit the website for details


Ovolo/Clarksdale Books
Website Ovolo/Clarksdale Books
Ovolo is an independent publisher of books and a member of the IPG. Clarksdale is an imprint that publishes a variety of rock and popular music-related titles. 
  • 500 Lost Gems of the Sixties
  • 70s Pop Genius Quiz Book
  • Breakfast in Nudie Suits (a unique glimpse into the Gram Parsons legend)
  • Rock Atlas (500 great music locations worthy of pilgrimage in the UK and Ireland. Covering artists as diverse as The Beatles, Stones, The Who, Bowie, Bolan, New Order, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Queen, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Sex Pistols, The Stranglers, Depeche Mode, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Adele, Kaiser Chiefs and Mumford & Sons.)
Ovolo/Clarksdale Books have more exciting titles in the pipeline so be sure to visit our website regularly.

01480 891777  
Remarks See the website for details


Style of 69 Scooterist, Skinhead, Mod and Northern Soul clothing and accessories
Website Style of 69
Details Jackets, Shirts, Polo shirts, T-shirts, Knitwear, Trousers, Footwear, Accessories

Urte Perry
Bielefelder Str. 65
33104 Paderborn

Tel: 05254 - 93 66 48 (0049 5254 93 66 48)

Telefax: 05254 - 93 66 49


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London 60s Week - celebrating the creative explosion that was London in  the 60s
Website London 60s Week
Details London 60s Week is an annual festival celebrating the golden anniversary of the 60s. The festival celebrates the creative explosion from this special decade with London's past & present creative talent.

London in the 60s was the city of the decade because the young made themselves heard through their energy, creativity and spirit. London 60s Week embraces this passion while looking to the future. Our work goes on throughout the year and culminates annually in a city-wide celebration.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8123 2940
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VIPER LONDON - Clothing for Geezers and Birds

Clothing for Geezers and Birds - Men's and Ladies' Fashion

Give us a bell on: 0208 346 4411
We are open from 9.00 am - 5.00 pm UK time from Mon-Fri

If the line is busy please feel free to email us at:

Unit D
Coppetts Center
North Circular Rd
N12 0SH

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The Cavernites - a Sixties tribute show that recreates the vibrant sounds and atmosphere of the Swinging Sixties
Website The Cavernites 
Details The Cavernites are a Four piece band in the classic Sixties style, from Liverpool, who perform a Sixties tribute show that recreates the vibrant sounds and atmosphere of the Swinging Sixties. The band take their name from the fan club members of The Cavern Club in Liverpool, the most famous club in the world, the club that saw the birth of The Beatles and showcased all the top bands during the Sixties.

Britain in 1962, and especially Liverpool, was a place where the Rock n’ Roll of the fifties had been fused with American R’n’B by the local beat groups, to create a raw, high-energy brand of music which was honed in sweaty pubs and clubs, such as The Cavern Club in Liverpool, and The Kaiserkeller, Indra and Star clubs in Hamburg.

The Cavernites re-create those days and the birth of what became known as Mersey Beat or The Liverpool or Mersey Sound a musical style that took the UK by storm, influencing countless groups across the country. The Cavernites recreate this era performing classic hits from groups like The Beatles, The Searchers, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Mersey’s, The Hollies, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and many other hit groups from the Sixties.

The Cavernites bring The Sixties back to life, taking the audience on a Magical Musical History Tour, through One of the greatest musical decades of all time, it's a fast and vibrant show, designed to get everyone dancing along.  The Cavernites are an accurate live recreation of a Sixties pop group during the Beatlemania years as seen on shows like 'Ready Steady Go’ and ’Top of the Pops' authentically recreating not only the look but the live sound of the bands they perform, bring back the vibrancy and passion of the original bands and transporting the audience right back to the Sixties.

The Cavernites use original instruments from the period, names like Rickenbacker, Epiphone, Gibson, and the famous Hofner Violin Beatle Bass, together with a Black Ludwig drum kit, they also use original amplifiers, names such as Marshal and Vox. The Sixties look is completed by the use of original stage clothes including the classic Sixties style Black thin lapelled suits, narrow leg trousers, White button down collared shirts, thin ties and the famous Cuban heeled Black Beatle boots.

The Cavernites can be contacted at
01745 355977 Mobile: 07769856164

Email at

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Ace Face Clothing Company - Putting tonic back onto the fashion map
Website Ace Face 
Details If you've always wanted a tonic suit, then you've come to the right place. Originally worn by 60's Mods, tonic made a revival during the late 70s when bands such as The Beat and The Specials burst on to the scene with Ska.  For those of a 'certain age', who can forget the excitement of heading to Carnaby Street to get your first tonic suit?  The contrasting colours & shimmer of tonic made the wearer stand out from the crowd; it was smart and individual.  Ace Face is now giving tonic the renaissance it deserves.

Whilst so called 'tonic' is out there, we've checked out the competition and it just isn't what we at Ace Face call the real deal. Our tonic is 100% authentic and 100% made in Britain.

We offer a range in a wonderfully luxurious pure mohair and wool 3-ply cloth. None of our 3-ply cloths have any man made materials in their composition.

We also make suits in other cloths such as Prince of Wales, dog tooth and so on, so if you want a different suit cloth, we can make one for you.

Got a question or comment? Telephone 01342 835447

Lowlands Farm house,
Eastbourne Road,

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Steepletone Record Players and Jukeboxes - Jukeboxes & CD Players, LED Signs & Pictures, Nostalgic Telephones, Radio and Alarm Clocks

Details On our website you will find a range of Steepletone products for you to buy. Our range includes Jukeboxes, CD Players, Record Players & Turntables, Nostalgic Telephones, Radios and Alarm Clocks

The remarkable changes in technology over the last few years has pushed the Jukeboxes to new limits, now offering 'No Moving Parts' music in MP3 format. we also carry a large range of LED 3D Pictures and new LED Neon Effect Wall Signs. Great eye catching designs with simplicity of use that, of course, still offer excellent value for money!

Steepletone Record Players. Listen to the classics the way they were intended on our superb range of record players. Many of us have collections of records and cassette tapes, but nowhere to play them or easily to convert to a modern digital format. Old record players, if they have been used over many years, can actually damage records, so it is important, if you wish to keep your collection in good order, to use a record player that is both high quality, and in full working order (especially the stylus!) Why not transfer your old LP's on to the MP3 format or CD using one of the Steepletone CD Burners

You don't even need to connect to your PC and run complicated software to do it - you just put in a recordable CD and transfer the music directly onto the CD. You can then either play back the recorded music using the CD, or even transfer the files to your PC (for storage, transfer to MP3 Player etc) if you wish.

Our Steepletone 5-in-1 Edinburgh Music Centre is very competitively priced. Steepletone is a British company that has been making high-quality audio equipment for 35 years, so you know you are buying a reliable product from a reputable company.

Customer Services
Midlands Distribution Depot
PO Box 9276

TEL: 0843 523 5145

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Jukebox One Night Hire - You can create a little bit of magic at your party no matter what the occasion
Website Jukebox One Night Hire
Details Curtis Beauclair Automatics Ltd was founded in 1958.  We have now been in business for over 50 years so you can rely on us as an established company.

We first supplied jukeboxes to bars and clubs in London and the surrounding area.  Later we started supplying jukeboxes to private parties. We cater for everyone having any sort of party or event from weddings and birthdays to company events.  We have supplied jukeboxes to many hotels and party venues throughout London and the South East and we are recommended by many as their preferred music supplier.  We also have a number of party planners and suppliers of marquees who recommend our company.  Our jukeboxes have been used by TV and theatres in their productions.

You can create a little bit of magic at your party no matter what the occasion.

Contact Information
Jukebox One Night Hire
Mr, Robin Rowe
99 Wills Crescent

Tel: 0208 894 4463   Mobile: 07850881896


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The Cavernites - a Sixties tribute show that recreates the vibrant sounds and atmosphere of the Swinging Sixties
Website The Cavernites 
Details The Cavernites are a Four piece band in the classic Sixties style, from Liverpool, who perform a Sixties tribute show that recreates the vibrant sounds and atmosphere of the Swinging Sixties. The band take their name from the fan club members of The Cavern Club in Liverpool, the most famous club in the world, the club that saw the birth of The Beatles and showcased all the top bands during the Sixties.

Britain in 1962, and especially Liverpool, was a place where the Rock n’ Roll of the fifties had been fused with American R’n’B by the local beat groups, to create a raw, high-energy brand of music which was honed in sweaty pubs and clubs, such as The Cavern Club in Liverpool, and The Kaiserkeller, Indra and Star clubs in Hamburg.

The Cavernites re-create those days and the birth of what became known as Mersey Beat or The Liverpool or Mersey Sound a musical style that took the UK by storm, influencing countless groups across the country. The Cavernites recreate this era performing classic hits from groups like The Beatles, The Searchers, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Mersey’s, The Hollies, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and many other hit groups from the Sixties.

The Cavernites bring The Sixties back to life, taking the audience on a Magical Musical History Tour, through One of the greatest musical decades of all time, it's a fast and vibrant show, designed to get everyone dancing along.  The Cavernites are an accurate live recreation of a Sixties pop group during the Beatlemania years as seen on shows like 'Ready Steady Go’ and ’Top of the Pops' authentically recreating not only the look but the live sound of the bands they perform, bring back the vibrancy and passion of the original bands and transporting the audience right back to the Sixties.

The Cavernites use original instruments from the period, names like Rickenbacker, Epiphone, Gibson, and the famous Hofner Violin Beatle Bass, together with a Black Ludwig drum kit, they also use original amplifiers, names such as Marshal and Vox. The Sixties look is completed by the use of original stage clothes including the classic Sixties style Black thin lapelled suits, narrow leg trousers, White button down collared shirts, thin ties and the famous Cuban heeled Black Beatle boots.

The Cavernites can be contacted at
01745 355977 Mobile: 07769856164

Email at

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BigBoppa Records - records, UK reproduction sleeves, USA reproduction sleeves and the famous Vinyl Solution Record Cleaner.
Website BigBoppa Records
Details Buy rare vinyl records and reproduction record sleeves that are out-of-print and hard to find from other online record stores.

50s, 60s 70s & 80s Vinyl Records, UK & USA Record Sleeves & Record Cleaner .

The official website of BigBoppa Records, your complete online store for records, UK reproduction sleeves, USA reproduction sleeves and the famous Vinyl Solution Record Cleaner.
We have a faultless record of fair dealing and great prices for our vinyl. This has made it possible for us to trade all over the world to thousands of satisfied customers.

Contact us via email

Remarks Visit the website for details - Top quality 50's 60's & 70's Fancy Dress, based in the UK, used in many Professional Dance and Stage shows
Details 70s & 60s Fancy Dress Outfits & Footwear. Stage Quality Abba style 60s and 70s Fancy Mini dresses, Outfits and Boots with Same day despatch.
  • 60's & 70's Footwear
  • Ladies 60's & 70's Dresses & Outfits
  • Men's 60s & 70s Outfits
  • Retro Accessories
  • Retro Tights and Stockings
  • Retro Kids
  • Retro Wigs

07807 015393

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Rock Guitar Miniatures - From AC/DC to ZZ Top
Website Rock Guitar Miniatures
Details Rock Guitar Miniatures is proud to bring you a large range of miniature replica guitars and drum kits for rock fans everywhere.

The guitars come with a high gloss coating and feature strings and knobs, just like the originals.

The drums are authentically detailed and include snare, toms, floor toms and bass, high-hat, ride and crash cymbals in the original set-ups.

From AC/DC to ZZ Top.

Should you have any queries regarding our products, please contact us at:

Rock Guitar Miniatures P.O. Box 1425. Pinner Middx United Kingdom

Remarks Visit the website for details


Gifticuffs -  unique gifts and jewellery for like minded music fanatics!
Website Gifticuffs
Details MUSIC - we love it, we're obsessed by it and frankly we couldn't give a Flying V for anything else!!

Gifticuffs - the website that offers unique gifts and jewellery for like minded music fanatics! All designs are unique to Gifticuffs and produced by Libero of London - therefore you will not find these particular designs anywhere else. Many of the products you find here are almost, if not actually, impossible to get elsewhere, such as Euphonium cufflinks, Tuba keyrings, Flying V tie pins and Gibson Explorer badges - plus lots more! Oh - and did we mention - Free Shipping! Anywhere in the world!

That's why we've designed these fantastic gifts for like minded music enthusiasts - whether you're into Classic Rock, Classical Music, Brass Bands, String Quartets - we should have something for you and we're always adding more designs, many of them unique and certainly different.

Greetings Cards, Rock n Roll Guitar Poster, Cufflinks, Guitar Poster, Music Teacher Gifts, Keyrings, Tie Slides, Hobbies, Gift Sets, Pin Badges/brooches, Earrings

There are great gifts for all occasions - especially popular as music teacher and student gifts as well as Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Wedding Day and any occasion you can think of... Everything you find here, from cufflinks to pin badges are all designed by us with many unique designs such as Euphoniums and Left Handed guitars. We hope you like the products you see and that your shopping experience is a pleasant one.

Office: 01582 593130 or 07723 014686

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Get The Needle - styli and cartridges
Website Get The Needle
Details A really good collection of new and vintage Record player styli and cartridges and some sound technical knowledge to go with them.

At we offer Modern, Veteran, Vintage, Record Player, Jukebox, Phonograph, Music Centre, Radiogram, Mono, Stereo and DJ Turntable Parts, Belts, Headshells, Accessories, Cartridges & Styli.

We stock literally thousands of styli, if you cannot see what you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to find the right item for you.

Get The Needle Record Player Stylusor software division

Helpline: +44 (0) 1253 675700

Mobile: +44 (0) 7428 279 543

Remarks Visit the website for details


The Modern World Gallery - The UK's first and only Mod Art gallery
Website The Modern World Gallery
Details Welcome to the Modern World Art Gallery.

We are a Modernist Art gallery situated in the renowned artists community on Brighton's seafront arches.

We have something for everyone, from postcards or prints, sculptures, limited edition prints, photography and original art in all mediums.

Modern Word Gallery
283 Madeira Drive

01273 567168

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